Make Money In Your Spare Time Using These Apps And Sites

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY On 10th March 2018

No matter what the reason, everyone could use some extra cash. There are a ton of scams out there, so you really have to be careful what websites you visit that promise you cash, fast. We have found some legit websites that pay in cash or with gift cards. Most of these are really simple, so there is no reason why you should not be making some extra cash.

Of course, you want to make money.

Who doesn't, right? But, how do you know that the website you are trying to make easy money from is totally legit? The best way to find out is through word of mouth not through random ads that pop up during your Google search or in your Facebook newsfeed. We have collected a list of trusted sites where you can earn cash or gift cards for just a few minutes of your time.


This is a fun site. You sign up and will get projects sent to your inbox. Projects include recording a video right from your phone that you upload to their site. These are candid videos, so you do not have to worry about editing them. They will ask you to record a video of you checking out products in-store. There are also some projects where you record from home. Most opportunities pay $10 or more, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

You have probably already heard of Ebates and never tried it. This site gives you cash back for shopping through their site. You can find just about any online store you can imagine on their site including Amazon. Plus, if you refer a friend, and they spend $25 on their site, you get $15 cash back and they get $10!


There are a ton of ways to earn gift cards on this site. The easiest way to rack up points is to watch videos. If you have an extra computer or phone, you can set them to autoplay, so you do not have to actually watch them. You can also fill out surveys, complete tasks and offers, and more. You would have to check out the site to see what all it offers. They also pay through direct deposit and PayPal.

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