Make Your Workout Easier With These Fitness Hacks

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 17th March 2018

#1 Need to keep your hair up?

If your hair is creating a problem in your workout, tie it up with this sock hack. Cut the sock as described in the picture below and make a bun with the help of that sock. Now you can freely do exercises.

Watch the video at the end of the article for more.

#2 Amazing idea for a sock

Want to hear songs while jogging but no pocket? Well, use a sock for the solution of this problem. Cut it and wear it on your arm as shown in the picture below. Ignore others and enjoy jogging.

For more details, watch the video at the end of the article.

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#4 Is your shoe hurting you?

Here is a solution for painful shoes. Just take a clear glue, add food color and contact solution. Mix it well and leave for some time to make it soft. Wrap it up in plastic and put this in your shoes for an easy DIY shoe cushion.

Watch the video at the end of the article for more.

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#5 Smelly shoes?

Smelly shoes are the worst thing ever but here is a solution. Take baking soda and put it on fabric then put this fabric inside of your shoes.

Now no more smelly shoes!

#6 Messy bag?

Fold your clothes using the method shown in the picture below. Now no messy bag to take with you for a workout.

Watch the video for more tips.

#7 Check out the original video for tips and more

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