Male Backlash Against #MeToo Is Brewing And The Hostility Created Between The Two Genders Could Result In Disastrous Consequences

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 6th February 2018

Has the #MeToo movement gone wrong? In the wakening of recent incidents, it seems like a male backlash against the movement is brewing and the consequences don't appear to be very good. Alexandra Allred, an author and self-defense instructor in Dallas, referring to Aziz Ansari case says, "The accusations claimed by Miss Grace sound like it was a mutual thing, but she thought about it later and she didn’t enjoy herself. But this is the story of millions of young women everywhere, where you just made a mistake. This does not belong to the #MeToo movement. As a staunch supporter of the movement, Allred says, "She should have just kept this to herself. This isn't show and tell. This is a movement to educate people and hopefully stop the violence."

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