Male Nurse Tries To 'Seduce' Authorities To Get Appropriate PPE And Hazard Pay

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To draw the attention of government and authorities over the issues of doctors and paramedic staff, Henry Tieu, a male nurse from Seattle, Washington, made a TikTok video in which he is seen ‘seducing’ the government and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for ‘appropriate PPE and hazard pay’


#1 No one really imagined that we will be experiencing a real movie-like situation in reality

A few months back, no one even in their worst dreams imagined that we will be experiencing a global pandemic, one that will cause havoc on mass levels and trying to deal with its disastrous aftermath, it will leave the world crippled. That being said, no one also imagined that doctors and health care workers will become frontline workers having to deal with life and death situations every day and putting even their own lives and their loved ones at risk.

But this is how it is and no one really knows how long the world has to put up with this situation. At the same time, where doctors and medics are fighting to save lives against this deadly virus, doctors globally are also fighting their governments to get access to proper and accurate Protective Personnel Equipment (PPE) and other equipments.

The plight is such that most of them are even scared of going home and meeting their family, fearing that they might infect them.

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#2 Bringing the attention of authorities to important matters

Thus, to draw the attention of authorities towards this grave matter, one male nurse came up with an out of box idea. Henry Tieu, a male nurse from Seattle, Washington, made a TikTok video in which he is seen ‘seducing’ the government and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for ‘appropriate PPE and hazard pay’, reports News18.

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#3 Henry has been using social media to voice his fears as a frontline worker

In the viral TikTok video, Henry can be seen banging the sign of COVID-19 on the door and then swaying at the beat of the music. The video was apparently filmed ina hospital room.

An emergency resident by profession and a photographer by profession, Henry has been using social media platforms to raise concerns of doctors and paramedic staff regarding COVID-19 during such critical times.

In one of his posts, he said that he takes a couple of deep breaths, focuses on his breathing, and gives himself a pep talk into leaving all the anxieties behind before he steps out of his car to go work in the hospital.

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#4 Stay at home, stay safe

In one of his posts, Henry noted that most of the healthcare workers are doing their job diligently because they love their people so please for the sake of their efforts, stay at home.

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Before I leave my car to go work in the hospital, I take a couple of deep breaths, focus on my breathing, and Cardi-B prep talk myself into leaving all the anxieties behind. I see how the CDC change their guidelines 180 degrees around so we can conserve PPE. I see how it is the best decision to do in the current SITUATION but truly not the best decision for FRONTLINE HEATH CARE WORKERS or to keep us safe. I can’t speak about my own hospital due to privacy and confidentiality policies. But one thing I can say for sure is that healthcare workers across America are struggling with getting enough and appropriate PPE to take care of patients SAFELY. I, and also all of my colleagues, take care of patients, listen to their lung sounds, heart sounds, reposition them so they don’t get bed sores, run into their rooms when things go South: Our faces inches away from our patients, breathing the same air they do, Social Distancing is NOT AN OPTION for us. Upon leaving the hospital, the entire drive home, I sit in silence, tracing my every moves throughout the shift, asking whether I cleaned my hands enough, am I bringing anything home to my family? I don’t want to speak for all of healthcare workers out there but I can say that we go to work because we care, because we want to make a difference, because we want to help others. This post is not to ask you to do anything for healthcare workers but to share with you what healthcare workers have to face everyday. Stay Home For Us! (The surgical mask in the photo above is from my supply closet, not taken from the hospital) 📸 @rainandpines • • #covid #coronavirus #nurselife #malenurse #stayhome

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#5 Doctors and paramedic staff are facing serious anxiety and stress due to the situation

Being frontline warriors, doctors and paramedic staff are the ones going through the worst times right now. Experiencing COCID-19 affected patients firsthand, the least we can do to ease their anxiety and stress is that we provide them with the right PPEs and other protective equipment. Because once we ensure their safety, only then they will ensure the safety of others.


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