Man "Dating Ghost" Fears He Is Being Cheated On During Lockdown

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 13th May 2020

#1 Supernatural believings

Are you the kind of person who does not believe in supernatural things? Well, here is the guy who has a ghost girlfriend and is worried that his girl might be cheating on him during the lockdown.

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#2 Believing in the paranormal world is alright, but how far this belief should go?




#6 Revealing details about his life with Lisa

This man genuinely believes he has a girlfriend and has even revealed some intimate details about his personal life with Lisa too. After previously telling us that he has not taken her to meet his parents as of yet, we thought that Gary might be feeling a little hesitant about their relationship.

#7 Lisa wants to meet his parents

Gary said, “I’ll visit my parents over the holidays, but Lisa will stay at home. I’m not ready to introduce her to my parents yet. She understands, but it certainly has put a strain on our relationship. She wants to meet my parents…”

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#8 He first wants to be comfortabe enough to take that step

He added, “I just have a feeling they won’t respond well to it if I do. Hopefully, in the new year I’ll be able to feel comfortable enough to take that step. I am starting to introduce her to more and more of my friends, which has had mixed results.”


#10 Revealing details about their private life and explaining his experiences to be "amazing" with her

“Our [private] life is ever-evolving. It gets better and better. There’s always new sensations. Different vibrations, which I guess is the best way to describe it.

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Chris and I met almost 8 years ago working at The W Hotel waiting tables. We were both new to Hoboken at a turning point in our lives just trying to figure things out, and while we were doing that he became my best friend. Along with @vipes , we worked hard and played hardest. Wild nights. Fist fights. Dance lights. And laughs. So many laughs. Anyways, the point of this is while I followed my passion, Chris followed his. And here we are. Chris became a chef, and a damn good one at that. And that doesn’t happen right away. He went to school. Worked his fucking ass off. His plates are dynamite, and the flavors, always explosive. I know firsthand now, because I work with him. Not many people get to say they work with their best friend. At a truly beautifully delicious restaurant. It’s pretty neat. And sometimes when I’m watching him do his thing, I stop and think, “Damn. That’s my fucking boy.” Like, I’m just so proud of him. To see him on his journey and reflect on my own is special, because I know things are going to keep getting better. Because hard work does pay off. Especially when you got the fucking goods. #iloveyouman #tellhimimastowawaynamedcody #summahtime

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#11 Giving insight into his sex life with his ghost girlfriend

“It’s like your whole body is having s*x. And since Lisa is a spirit, she is more flexible which allows us to experiment with all sorts of new positions.”

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Happy birthday, Hundo! I can’t believe it’s been a year. I can’t believe you’re still here. And I can’t believe you’re still growing! This past year has been the hardest of my life. I was no good to anyone. I was in a really bad place. I had a breakdown. Lost my mind. But I found it and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. Even when I wasn’t taking care of myself, I was taking care of you. Money trees are supposed to bring good fortune, and like me, it took a while, but I feel the change coming. Every morning when I water your leaves, I spray a little on my face. Because I wanna grow too. Thank you for this gift @msmarielena . I’m so grateful for it. Sometimes, just sometimes, when you show something love it loves you back. You my boy, Hundo! #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #selfcare #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantcare #plantlover #moneytree #mentalhealthawareness #happybirthday

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#12 Making future plans together

After Christmas, they even made plans for their valentines. Gary told Daily Star Online, They plan on starting the night off with a nice Netflix and chill before opening up their relationship to another person.


#14 A romantic date it is

“Then we watch our favorite movie, which ironically is Ghost. I know… we’re so corny. We can’t help it. Afterward, we make love on a bed of roses. The roses stay on the bed when we go to sleep, so we wake up to the smell of flowers.”

#15 About time when things start to get a bit weird

“Lisa has recently befriended a female spirit and I thought it would be fun to bring her over and spice things up.”

“I’ve never had one before. Not even with two living women. I’m a little nervous, so needless to say there will be a lot of wine involved to loosen me up.”

#16 "hitting a new milestone"

“And it was Lisa’s idea for the threesome. She’s confident in the way I feel about her … we would be comfortable having [intercourse] with another spirit without any emotional attachment.”

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#17 Still together

After going through so much, Gary and Lisa are still together but ever since the lockdown, they are hitting few bumps in their relationship.

Speaking to the Daily Star about the last few months, he said, “At first, we spent every day together for a month. Jersey City was an epicenter early on during this, especially where we live. And I’m by nature a very anxious person. On top of not being able to see my family or nieces, I was feeling very afraid."

“She’d help me cook and fold laundry. Watch loads of TV. And obviously have s*x. All the time. It was fun, but exhausting,” he explained.

“I’m not in great shape, so it was hard to keep up. Being on strict lockdown we had to find creative ways to be [intimately] adventurous.”

#18 He is worried that Lisa might be cheating on him

But it seems like that this is not enough for Gary's ghost girlfriend. “This past month she’s out all the time. Never tells me where she’s going. Just says she’s going ‘out with friends.’ She could be anywhere with anyone. And I’ve always felt secure in our relationship, but lately, we haven’t been having much [intimacy].”

“I mean I’m not crazy, am I? It just doesn’t make any sense. I can understand wanting space, but something just feels off.”