Man Brutally Kills His Ex Girlfriend Along With Her Toddler Son And Current Boyfriend

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 15th October 2015

#1 Brutal murder case

The three dead bodies were found by Brandon, 16 year old brother of Bianca Fletcher when he returned from work to home at 9.30 pm. The victims of the case reportedly were 17-year-old Bianca Fletcher, her 1-year-old son JoJo and her 18-year-old boyfriend Shannon Rollins Jr.

#2 Brandon at the death scene

Fletcher's 16-year-old brother was the one who discovered the three lifeless bodies when he returned home on the night of September 9. Brandon called the police to the crime scene which took place in the 5900 block of East 84th street but the police were unable to find any evidence. According to the court documents, some of the personal belongings of the victims were missing.

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#5 Triple Homicide

On the same day, 22-year-old Joseph Nelson walked into the police station to file a report about the theft of two portable guns, a magazine and ammunition from his vehicle. However, police was able to identify Nelson as the killer due to multiple witnesses in the case.

One spectator reported to the police that after the murder, Nelson came to him and confessed the crime. Also, a friend of Nelson's informed the police about the murder.

#3 Report published by the KCTV station

It was found out that after committing the horrendous crime Nelson tried to get rid of all the evidences. He picked up all the shell casings, bathed numerous times, cleaned his hands with bleach and sold all the armaments immediately.

Detectives found out that he cried his heart out to one of the witnesses of the case. He pleaded," I did something bad. I did something I don't think I can live with. I killed them. I killed them."

When the witness asked the reason he killed the toddler son and current boyfriend unnecessarily, he replied: ‘Witnesses.' The baby started crying after seeing his mother dead. He got scared of the neighbors who could rush to the scene and so he was left with no option except killing them.

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#4 Statement by the acquaintances of Fletcher

Rebecca, sister of Fletcher told the TV station that Fletcher was studying at Raytown high school and wanted to become a doctor. Her son was just 1 years old and was learning to walk.

Richard Fletcher, who lost his daughter and grandson, released a statement through prosecutors in which he thanked investigators. "This is for all. Not just my family," he said in a statement.

"My daughter and grandson were precious. We are hurting and angry but we are grateful justice is being sought."

He described Rollins as "a very good influence on my daughter." "We will miss him," the statement said. Rollins, who left a 1-year-old son, was an avid dancer who recently performed with local rapper Tech N9ne. He also was part of a freestyle dancing crew called #FindOut whose movements fused various elements of breakdancing, pop-locking and hip-hop. They performed at graduation parties, schools and birthday parties.

The accused Nelson was charged with the crime of three first degree murders by the use of firearms and burglary on the 10th September. Prosecutors asked a judge to set the suspect's bail at $1 million.