Man Donates His House To A Homeless, Single Mother Of Four

By Michael Avery in Feel Good On 19th October 2015


What is it like to be homeless?

Have you ever sat back and truly though about what that means? How it's entirely possible to lose everything in a single moment in time, and wind up as the disgust in people's eyes as they hurry past you. Felicia Dukes had to live that reality, and with her, her four children. Living paycheck to paycheck, she was only able to get her three youngest into a shelter, as her eldest was already past 18 he wasn't allowed to join them. She was pretty down on her luck, and couldn't figure out how to turn it around.


Enter Tony Tolbert, a lawyer and UCLA lecturer; basically, Tony is a fairly successful man, and life has been good to him. He remembered back though, to when he was a boy with his father, "I don't remember a time when there wasn't someone in need, staying in our home."

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He wanted to give back, and so he decided to donate his entire home, as well as assistance with the bills, to Miss Dukes. An entire three bedroom and two bath home to a woman he only barely knew, and to give her an actual chance at a fresh start. It's truly incredible to think about, that this man cared enough about another human being's welfare enough to sacrifice something of his own.


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