Man Faked Heart Attack 20 Times To Avoid Paying Bill At Restaurants

By Khadija Pervez in Bizarre On 25th October 2023

A 50-year-old expat is now dealing with the consequences of pretending to have heart attacks in over 20 restaurants so he could avoid paying for his food.

Discovering a hair in your meal is one thing to be unhappy about, but pretending to have a severe medical emergency just to avoid paying for the food you've just eaten is an entirely different level of dishonesty.


However, a man named Aidas, originally hailing from Lithuania but currently residing in Alicante, Spain, chose a rather unusual approach during his dining experiences at multiple restaurants.

Observant restaurant staff soon noticed Aidas' theatrical routine after each meal, which invariably culminated in him slumped on the floor.

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One restaurant owner noted that Aidas didn't hold back on his orders, often indulging in several glasses of White Label whiskey and a Russian salad before feigning a heart attack.


As a result of his ruse, Aidas would rack up bills ranging from $15 to $73.

The manager of a restaurant named El Buen Comer, speaking to The Sun, characterized Aidas' performance as highly dramatic and theatrical.

"He pretended to faint and slumped himself down on the floor," he said.

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The manager successfully captured an image of Aidas in the midst of his routine and circulated it to neighboring restaurants in an effort to 'try and stop him from striking again'.


Confirming that they'd received the photo, a worker at Sale&Pepe restaurant said: "We’ve all received a warning with his photo telling us to be careful and to not serve him anything."

Another restaurant worker told El País: “He lay down on the floor, acted as if his chest hurt and began to shake."

Aidas took his act to such an extreme that he even sought medical attention, only to later attempt a return visit to the same restaurant.

“The second time he tried, we told him not to do it again,” they said.

According to Caso Abierto, Aidas had been simulating heart attacks for a continuous period of two months, during which he managed to avoid paying a single euro for the meals he had ordered.

His actions led to a total of 20 arrests, but he was consistently released shortly after each arrest, as his offenses were categorized as 'minor' due to the relatively small amounts he owed to each restaurant.

Nonetheless, the cumulative effect of his dine-and-dash incidents resulted in a substantial unpaid restaurant bill of ($800).

It wasn't until he faced a more substantial sentence that his spree came to an end, as he was sentenced to spend time in jail for failing to pay two fines related to his crimes.

As a result, Aidas has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 22 days behind bars.