Man Finds $1.5 Million House Built On His Connecticut Land He Purchased Years Ago

By maks in News On 15th January 2024

This place was near his old childhood home, which his dad had bought in 1953 for $5,000. 

Kenigsberg always had a soft spot for his hometown. 

He moved away, studied medicine in New York, and did his residency in Maryland, but he kept this piece of land close to where he grew up, hoping maybe one of his kids would want to live there in Fairfield, Connecticut, someday.

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But, on May 31, a friend called him with surprising news: someone was building a house on his empty lot. 

Kenigsberg was stunned, he told CT Insider: "I own that and I never sold it."

Credit: Daniel Kenigsberg

When he went to check, he found a nearly finished 4-bedroom house on the cleared site.

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Turns out, records show the land was sold to a company, 51 Sky Top Partners LLC, for $350,000 in October 2022, but Kenigsberg claims he had no idea about this sale. 

He's now suing the company for a bunch of things, including trespassing and theft, and he wants the sale canceled. 

He's also asking for $2 million in damages and wants the company to remove the house and other stuff from the land, restoring it to how it was before.

A listing showed that the 4,000-square-foot house, valued at about $1.45 million, had an offer in March.

Credit: RMA Long Island IVF

Kenigsberg is quite upset, saying, "I’m angry that so many people were so negligent that this could have happened. It’s more than obnoxious — it’s offensive and wrong."

Fairfield Police's lieutenant Michael Paris mentioned that they're looking into who got the money from the buyers. 

"It’s still under investigation as of this point," said Paris, the department spokesman.

"It’s a bank account transfer," he said. 

The police are trying to figure out if someone faked being Kenigsberg to sell the land. 

They suspect a 'Daniel Kenigsberg' from Johannesburg, South Africa, faked a power-of-attorney, given by Anthony Monelli from Connecticut, to steal the property.

51 Sky Top Partners, managed by Gina Leto and Greg Bugaj, claim they were scammed too. 


They said in a statement: "We learned to our shock and dismay that Kenigsberg, had not, in fact, sold the property to us."

"Rather, a third-party had impersonated Kenigsberg and — through the carelessness and neglect of the various real estate professionals involved in the transaction — managed to list, market, and sell the property without anyone ever catching on."