Man Flies From Europe To US Without Passport And Doesn't Remember How He Got There

By Khadija Pervez in Travel On 17th December 2023

The FBI is really puzzled because a man traveled from Europe to the US without having a passport, ticket, or any clue about how he ended up there.

Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava, who is both Russian and Israeli, took a flight from Copenhagen to Los Angeles on Scandinavian Airlines flight SK 931 on November 4th.

However, unlike the other people on the plane, Ochigava didn't have a boarding pass or his passport.

Customs officers in California found out that he wasn't listed on the passenger manifest for the flight from Denmark or any other flight coming into the US.

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According to the documents submitted to the court, the cabin crew noticed the stowaway because he was moving around the plane a lot and changing seats during the flight.


He also stood out because he asked for two meals during each meal service and even tried to eat chocolate that belonged to the cabin crew members at one point.

The boarding staff didn't see him board, and they realized that the seat he occupied during boarding was supposed to be empty according to the flight's list of passengers.

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The incident report mentions, "Some crew members did head counts in their assigned sections, but only to ensure the plane's balance for take-off and landing. They didn't add up the total numbers."

Allegedly, he attempted to talk to other passengers during the flight, but most of them ignored him, as reported by members of the cabin crew.

Ochigava is currently in custody, facing charges for stowing away on an aircraft.

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This offense could lead to a potential jail sentence of up to five years.

The FBI is investigating how he managed to accomplish this.

However, obtaining answers may prove difficult, as FBI agent Caroline Walling reported that he mentioned he might have had a plane ticket to the United States but wasn't certain.


He further asserted that he didn't remember how he boarded the plane in Copenhagen and couldn't recall the details of passing through security at the Danish airport.

A spokesperson from Copenhagen Airport has verified that the man was indeed on the flight, even though he didn't possess a ticket or passport.


They told The Independent: “We can see from our surveillance that he has entered without a valid ticket.”

"Copenhagen Airport has provided photo and video material to the authorities who are investigating the case.”

"We take the matter very seriously, and it will be included in the work we continuously do to adjust and tighten our guidelines to improve security.”

A representative from Scandinavian Airlines has stated that the incident is currently being dealt with by the appropriate authorities in both the United States and Denmark.