Man Gets Nasty Rash After Cleaning Bum With Toilet Cleaning Wipes

By Samantha in Fails Published On 13th July 2022

Leon Gleed, 29, from Cwmbran in South Wales, was left embarrassed and in terrible pain after mistakenly using toilet cleaning wipes instead of a toilet roll to clean his bottom.

After the incident, Gleed suffered soreness in an intimate area after using the antibacterial wipes from Tesco - which were actually a toilet cleaner.


The man had to put sudocrem on his bottom for a week to help with the burning, with the lorry driver describing the sensation as 'having a hot curry the night before but ten times worse'. 

Gleed said he didn't realise the wipes were actually meant to be used to clean the toilet, not his backside.

Referring to the famous country song 'Ring of Fire', Gleed joked he was having a 'Johnny Cash moment'.


Apparently, his girlfriend Sadie Williams, 29, picked up the wipes from a Tesco Express store in the town of Risca, and left them in the bathroom.

After using the wipes and with several trips to the toilet, the man developed a nasty rash and irritation.

He then had a doubt and so he checked the packaging of the wipes and then confessed to his girlfriend about the blunder he made - who was left laughing like crazy after hearing it. 

A few days and multiple trips to the toilet later, Leon had developed a scary rash.

Gleed says it was a very silly mistake and also believes that cleaning products should be more carefully labeled to avoid such incidents. 

The Active Flushable Toilet Wipes he was using say 'Makes toilets sparkle' - but makes no mention of sparkling bottoms.

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As the use of flushable wet wipes become more common Gleed argues it's an easy mistake to make.

Leon said: 'I thought the product was wet wipes you use to go to the toilet with – but as it turned out, that wasn't the case.

'When I developed the soreness I knew something wasn't quite right and when I checked the packaging it said "kills 99 percent of bacteria".

'Sadie said to me, "how can you be so stupid", but I think cleaning products should have warning labels on them so they're more identifiable.


'I've come through the worst of it now – I had to use Sudocrem down there for a week!

'Being a lorry driver it was hard to get in and out of the truck for a while because of the constant chafing and burning pain.



'The only way I can describe it is like the night after a hot curry but ten times worse!

'I know it was a silly mistake to make but I'm convinced there's other people out there who have done the same!'

A spokesperson for Tesco, said: 'We were sorry to hear about this. We make the labelling on our packaging as clear as possible for customers.'

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