Man Keeps Getting Arrested For The Same Offence And Never Says A Word

By maks in Crime On 13th May 2024

Criminals come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually end up talking during interrogation, or at least they throw out a 'no comment'. But not this guy.

David Hampson, known as the 'Silent Man', has been a real thorn in the side for those commuting in Swansea because of his constant road blockages.

His habit of standing right in the middle of the road to stop traffic has gotten him thrown in jail numerous times, yet he keeps repeating it.

Interestingly, the 53-year-old remains completely silent while committing the offense, during police interviews, and even in court.

Some think he's conducting a one-man protest against traffic, but his brother has a different take on it.

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Last December, he was back in court for blocking De La Beche Street, which is really close to the Swansea Central Police Station.

John, Hampson’s brother, thinks it's all an act to secure some free room and board.

John shared with The Sun: "He's not really mute. He never stops talking. It is quite simple really.

"He's a spoiled brat. There is nothing like a protest going on. He just does it to have a comfy life inside prison."

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With no permanent address, Hampson was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in 2021 after being found 'mute of malice' rather than 'mute by visitation of God'.

Judge Paul Thomas had strong words for him, describing his behavior as showing 'breathtaking arrogance and insolence'.

Even after his release, Hampson went back to his old ways, blocking roads three more times and landing himself back in jail.

Lucy Mansfield, the prosecutor, explained: "Police advised him to leave the area but he went straight back into the road and so was arrested."

He faced charges for obstructing the highway but remained silent at the dock.

Later, Hampson was sentenced to another six months in jail and is expected to serve up to half of that time behind bars.

Since his first conviction in 2014, he has also been arrested in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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A judge had ordered a psychiatric evaluation due to his peculiar behavior, but he refused to speak to the doctors.

One doctor suggested that his silence was 'selective and deliberate', noting that social or financial 'stresses' might be driving his choice to remain mute.

John commented: "There is nothing wrong with him. He acts dumb but I can tell you that he is not."