Man Left In Coma And Given 4% Chance Of Survival After Pulling Out Ingrown Hair

By maks in Health and Fitness On 10th May 2024

We all know that occasionally we might pull out a hair that bothers us.

However, for one man, removing an ingrown hair led to terrifying consequences.

Steven Spinale ended up in a coma with only a 4% chance of survival because of complications that arose after he plucked an ingrown hair.

In 2022, Spinale was diagnosed with sepsis and found himself in a life-threatening situation due to his attempt to remove the ingrown hair.


An ingrown hair, as explained by the Mayo Clinic, happens when a hair that has been removed grows back and curls back into the skin.

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His sister, Michelle, mentioned that he was "pretty sick" for about a month before doctors finally pinpointed the cause of his health problems.

At first, they thought Spinale "was bleeding internally from somewhere," Michelle noted.

However, this turned out to be "the smallest worry" they had.

"He was turned away at numerous hospitals [who thought] he was making it up. Even after he started vomiting blood, they still sent him home," she shared on TikTok.


On a GoFundMe page, Spinale’s sister detailed his condition: "Steven Spinale is a 36-year-old father who is currently fighting for his life in ICU.

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"He has been pretty sick for the last month or so and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. All they could figure out was he was bleeding internally from somewhere.

"Little did we know that would be the smallest worry. He declined fast until he crashed and was put on life support.

"He caught a rare bacteria that was ravaging through his body and shutting down all his organs. He is severely septic and in shock.

"He caught influenza while in the hospital. He has double pneumonia. He has ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and his lungs aren’t working.


"The doctors are doing everything they possibly can do for him and if anyone could pull through this it’s him.

"Steven is so important to so many people and we need him to fight like he has never fought before. His wife hasn’t left his side so both incomes are now gone.

"We are trying to raise funds to help ease their worries and help pay their bills including medical. Steven doesn’t have insurance.

"This is going to be a long road if he pulls through this and we appreciate all the help we can get."

While in the hospital, Spinale contracted influenza A and developed double pneumonia in both lungs, along with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

He spent three weeks in a coma, but his family remained hopeful he would pull through.

It was discovered that a 'rare bacteria' was devastating his body and shutting down his organs after he plucked an ingrown hair.

This minor action caused a small wound that became infected.

Recent updates on TikTok show that Spinale now has a 'new sparkle in his eyes.'

His family says he's 'proving doctors wrong' and are calling him 'a miracle.'