Man Lets A Black Widow Spider Bite Him On Purpose To "Debunk Myths" And The Results Are Shocking

By maks in Nature On 26th March 2024

A guy decided to get bitten by a black widow spider on purpose to see if he could bust some myths about the creature.

However, his experiment ended up making some folks even more scared of these spiders.

In a nutshell, imagine Jack Schonhoff’s YouTube channel as a wild mix of Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Jackass.

His channel introduces viewers to Jack, a wildlife enthusiast who doesn’t just observe dangerous critters up close.

Credit: YouTube / Jack's World of Wildlife

He actually lets some of them bite or sting him to share firsthand what the experience is like.

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There’s a common belief that black widow bites can kill you. However, that’s not exactly true.

That being said, Jack’s experience shows why letting a black widow bite you is a bad idea.


According to Jack, it took almost two weeks before he felt completely back to normal.

One of the major symptoms he experienced was intense lower back pain.

At one point, he said it was 'the most painful it's been in my entire life'.

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Even though Jack had a tough time dealing with the bite's effects, his goal was to educate people about spiders like the black widow.

That’s why he made the video in the first place.

Credit: YouTube / Jack's World of Wildlife

Jack mentioned the possibility of allergic reactions to spider bites.

Yet, he argued, 'that doesn't necessarily make [black widow spider bites] as dangerous as everyone thinks'.

He summed it up by saying, "Essentially, [the bite] is terrible, it hurts, but it's not going to kill you."

He also pointed out: "Again, these widow spiders are very, very, very reluctant to bite."


"The only way you're realistically going to be bitten by a black widow is if you pin it to your skin. So if you're leaving your shoes outside, check your shoes."

"If you're leaving stuff in your garage that you're putting on, check it before you put it on. It's as simple as that. These spiders are not aggressive."

Despite Jack’s intentions to calm fears about black widow spiders, some viewers admitted they were still frightened.

One person responded to his 2019 YouTube video, saying, "You've confirmed my fear of black widows. Thanks."

Another shared, "You didn't change my mind about black widows. You still proved to me to avoid the hell out of them."


However, some people praised Jack for his bravery in educating others about the insects, calling his channel 'criminally underrated'.

While Jack eventually recovered from the spider bite, it’s clear this is not something anyone should try at home.