Man Reveals The One Word You Aren't Allowed To Say On A Cruise Ship

By maks in Travel On 26th January 2024

There are numerous nautical superstitions to be aware of. One such belief warns against whistling or singing into the wind, as it is thought to 'whistle up a storm'. 

Another superstition advises against setting sail on days associated with tragic biblical events, like the day Cain murdered Abel or the day Judas Iscariot hung himself.

In addition, the presence of a 'Jonah' on a ship is considered ominous. In nautical terms, a 'Jonah' refers to someone who brings misfortune to a vessel.

These superstitions are not just confined to traditional sailing ships but are also prevalent on modern cruise ships. 

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TikToker Marc Sebastian, who embarked on an 18-night journey with Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise, encountered a unique superstition specific to cruise ships.


The word in question, which is seen as taboo to utter on a cruise, is 'Titanic'. 

The reason behind this superstition is fairly obvious. The Titanic, a White Star cruise liner, tragically sank on its maiden voyage, and it's a story that most people would prefer not to be reminded of while on a cruise.

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Sebastian's personal experience highlighted the seriousness of this superstition. 

He recounted in a video: "I brought it up to an entire room of people having lunch that our ship is only 100 feet longer than the Titanic — when I tell you that utensils dropped. Waiters gasped. It’s dead silent." 

Credit: TikTok / @marcsebastianf

The reaction he received was one of shock and discomfort, underlining the fact that this is not an outdated belief but one that is still taken seriously by many.


Unaware of this taboo initially, Sebastian was informed by his friend Nadine, who discreetly told him: "You’re not allowed to talk about the Titanic."

In response, Sebastian humorously commented: "Well, it wasn’t like that was in the f*cking handbook."

Credit: TikTok / @marcsebastianf

While this specific rule might not be formally documented in any cruise ship handbook, it's clear that mentioning the Titanic, a ship synonymous with disaster, is considered a major faux pas on a cruise.


This incident is a testament to the fact that nautical superstitions are still very much alive and observed. 

Another TikToker, joethesailor, who documents his life working as an officer on container ships, also touches upon these superstitions in his videos. 

In one particular video, he shows the utter darkness that envelops the sea at night and talks about the belief that one should never venture out alone in such conditions. 

When asked about the scariest thing he's encountered, he said: "A white figure on the bridge wing at 3am.

"Confirmed by my lookout too. Stayed for about 4 minutes then walked right across the front windows then went." 

This eerie experience further emphasizes the mysterious and sometimes unnerving nature of the sea, and the superstitions that surround it.