Man Saves Drowning Bear After It Was Sedated By Authorities

By Michael Avery in Feel Good On 17th September 2015


A very courageous man just saved the life of this bear!

This resident Black Bear had begun to get a little to close to urban areas in Florida, America. So authorities decided to take action by darting the bear.


Once the bear was darted it became extremely confused and ran toward the sea. He walked deeper and deeper in, all while getting very drowsy.

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He was assisted by a small boat that had ropes to help pull him and the 180kg (400ish lbs) bear to shore.

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Adam was able to drag the massive bear 23 meters from where it was in the water to the safety of shore.


Once on shore the bear was loaded with a digger onto a ute and transported to a national forest.


Adam rode with the sedated bear the whole way to his new home among the forest.

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The bear now lives happily within nature, away from people and definitely far away from the sea.