Man Sexually Abused Three Daughters For 10 Years. After 20 Years, They Tracked Him On Facebook.

By Sughra Hafeez in News On 6th October 2015

#1 44 Years Old James Lawton abused the three sisters

James shifted to the girls' home right after the relationship with their mom. Elder sister 30-year-old Danielle told DailyMail: ‘As soon James moved into our family home, he began abusing us. He would wait for Mum to go to work then come into our bedrooms and attack us. I was absolutely terrified. I was only eight years old and had no idea what he was doing but knew it was wrong. I just hoped he wasn't touching my sisters, and naively thought if he is using me, then he would leave Patricia and Terri-Ann alone.'

#3 Sisters who are still haunted by the terrible memories.

Patricia said: ‘James would follow me into the bathroom and force me to perform oral sex on him. I was just four years old.' Terri-Ann said: ‘I was barely out of nappies when he began abusing me. It doesn't get much worse than that. I have no happy memories of my childhood - it's just all horrible stuff. Now I feel that everyone has a motive for something.' Danielle said: ‘We were all terrified of him. He was a nasty, violent man with an aggressive temper. We just knew not to argue or ever breathe a word of what he was doing to us.'

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#4 After a decade, the sisters finally opened the trouble with each other.

Danielle recalls: ‘James stole our innocence, took away the most precious years of our life. We were just little girls, but he took full advantage of us and violated us all in the worst possible way. We are still haunted by what James did to us. We all have flashbacks and get upset about what he put us through, so to see him jailed is the best justice we could have asked for.'

#5 Sisters decided to throw him behind the bars.

Through Facebook, they found the man living in Botswana with a new wife. Terri-Ann said: ‘It made my blood boil. I didn't know if he had more children and couldn't bear to think that he might be abusing others and ruining another little girl's life. I used a false name and got into a conversation with him, but he eventually cottoned on to who I was and the next message I got was from someone claiming to be a Doctor stating James was dead.'

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#6 Finally Police caught him at Heathrow airport.

He is jailed for 12 years. Terri said: ‘I hope he rots of prison. As far as I'm concerned they can throw away the key. He is the lowest of the low. I just hope he is never allowed near another child again.'