Man Stops Street Fight With The Old Finger Up The Butt Trick

By Khadija Pervez in Bizarre On 1st December 2023
Reddit / u/theduck1893

How can one effectively intervene to stop a street fight? Various methods have been witnessed, spanning from executing drop kicks to employing different types of kicks.

However, the most peculiar and surprisingly successful approach has recently caught our attention.


In the video, some people are fighting on the street. One man, who's had enough of the fighting, comes up with a strange idea.

Instead of throwing more punches, he decides to do something surprising: he puts a finger where it usually doesn't belong, on the aggressor's bum

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Reddit / u/theduck1893

The intention behind this action, whether it was a strategy to halt the fight or an opportunity to enact some sort of assault fantasy, remains a topic for debate.


Regardless, it worked, making the man back off and stop fighting.

Surprisingly, this man might not be the first to come up with the idea, as some claim that the most effective way to stop a dog fight is by inserting a finger into their rectum.

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Before attempting such a peculiar method to break up dog fights, it's essential to highlight that scientists haven't, understandably, researched this as a valid self-defense technique against dogs.

Moreover, if you find yourself in a situation where you think giving a dog the "Shocker", you’ve probably already lost, if you know what I’m saying.


But hey, if you find yourself in a street fight and want it to stop, why not give this method a shot? After all, a peculiar intervention like this might be less troublesome than a black eye.