Man Suffered Horrible Consequences After Drinking 12 Energy Drinks In Just 10 Minutes

By maks in Health and Fitness On 24th February 2024

It's quite an achievement if you've managed to navigate life without ever needing the extra jolt from an energy drink to power through your day. 

Many of us, though, find ourselves relying on several cups of coffee or the occasional energy drink more often than we'd like to admit.

But at what point should we start looking for alternative energy sources, like a good night's sleep, rather than reaching for another caffeine boost?

Dr. Bernard Hsu, a clinical pharmacist and toxicologist known as Chubbyemu on YouTube, shared a story that serves as a stark warning against excessive consumption of energy drinks.

Credit: YouTube / @Chubbyemu

He discussed the case of a 36-year-old individual, referred to as JS, who found himself in a dire situation after attempting to impress his colleagues. 

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JS, an avid gamer, decided to drink 12 energy drinks in just 10 minutes after discovering a cache in the office fridge.

The impact on JS was immediate and severe. He experienced a burning sensation in his throat, which quickly escalated to discomfort, feeling as though sores were forming and tearing up his mouth.


"Immediately after chugging all 12 energy drinks, JS didn't feel well," Dr. Hsu stated. 

"He was short of breath and, to distract himself, started playing some video games."

The 36-year-old chugged 12 drinks in 10 minutes. Credit: YouTube / @Chubbyemu

Several hours later, JS noticed his heart fluttering, a symptom he initially dismissed due to his habit of consuming more than the recommended daily intake of caffeine during gaming sessions.

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However, the situation quickly worsened as he began vomiting, experiencing intense back pain, and feeling his heartbeat in his eyes.

After enduring several days of these symptoms, JS finally decided to seek medical help and called 911.

Upon arrival at the emergency room, Dr. Hsu diagnosed JS with "breakthrough abdominal pain." 

It was discovered that JS was suffering from hyperglycemia, a condition characterized by dangerously high levels of glucose in the blood. 

JS called 911 after being in pain for several days. Credit: Getty Images/ Allen J. Schaben/ Los Angeles Times

Dr. Hsu explained, "Hyper meaning high. Glyce referring to glucose." 


Surprisingly, it wasn't the caffeine that had the most detrimental effect on JS, but rather the excessive sugar intake, with each can containing over 50 grams of sugar, totaling over 600 grams.

JS hadn't eaten since consuming the energy drinks, and despite concerns about his pancreas' insulin production, tests confirmed he was not diabetic. 

Further examination revealed he had hyperlipasemia, indicating his pancreas was beginning to digest itself, leading to a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. 

JS received IV fluids and pain medication as treatment.

Unfortunately, just as he was about to be discharged, it was discovered that JS had developed an infection, and his liver and kidneys were beginning to fail. 

Thankfully, with timely "supportive care and antibiotics," JS was able to make a full recovery.

JS' pancreas started to digest itself. Credit: YouTube / @Chubbyemu

Dr. Hsu concluded: "Energy drinks are more than just caffeine."


"And we don't know exactly how much of any one of these ingredients are in a single can.

"No one intended for someone to chug five-and-a-half liters of anything in 10 minutes.

"What we do know, is there might be an association with excess energy drink consumption and pancreatitis.

"It's not just the caffeine and stimulants in there that'll get you in the heart.

"Whether it's chugging 12 cans in 10 minutes, or drinking three, four, five, six cans a day every day, the pancreas can get injured."