Man Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife, But Look Closer...

Posted by Muhammad Ali in Amazing On 14th February 2016

When your wife is pregnant, you want to capture the beauty of it all through a photo or a video. It is like marriage because it means a new stage of your life together.

Dave was only trying to take a photo of his pregnant wife at the beach, but something even better happened.



Stunning photo, right?

When this man took a picture of his pregnant wife on the gorgeous beach, he had no idea what was about to happen next, and it truly is a one in a million shot. But not for the reason you would expect.



The couple decided to take some pictures to remember 9-month-pregnant Angeline Mozer pregnancy, and what better place to take them than the beach.

When they were done with the shoot they were thinking of going for a quick swim and getting a bite to eat before relaxing on the golden sand.

I mean what a stunning backdrop.



As he brought the camera up to his face, he adjusted the focus, zoomed out a bit, and click the button to get the snapshot. Just after he had taken the photograph they both heard a wonderful splash in the background. His wife had no clue as she had her back turned but surely Dave must of seen what it was?


He scrolled through his images, and was totally amazed when he found out what had photobombed them. Through pure luck the couple had managed to take a once in a lifetime photo.

Scroll down to see what Dan managed to catch on his camera!

Is it a shark?

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