Man Unloads A Nasty Fart Into A Singing Booth, And Traps A Girl Inside

By Haider Ali in Cringey On 26th July 2022

Do you know that awful situation where your partner thinks farting in bed is funny since you two are so close? Why are males so disgusting?

This guy went above and beyond. He held his nasty gas till he reached the booth.

The young lady was too busy attempting to sound like her favorite singer to notice him. You figure no one will bother you because it's a karaoke booth and you have headphones, right?

Wrong, he says, approaching her, releasing his "fury," before holding the door open.


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Nobody in this place is against the wind that is breaking. Even though the smell is frequently unpleasant, it is a natural occurrence.

But as you can see, the woman is in a panic and is attempting to flee by punching the door. Furthermore, the person holding the door is taking pleasure in the situation.


The woman seemed very shocked. She's practically suffocating. And this guy seemed to be enjoying himself. Not in a good manner, just nasty.

He eventually departs, probably in search of his next victim. It can be a fetish or his method of contacting women. In either case, we hope he doesn't intend to use it as his career.

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If you're in Shanghai, keep clear from that charmingly spooky face. He may become weary of farting into booths and move on to the elevators or restrooms.

When he next strikes, his victims will be defenseless and stench-filled.