Man Who Invented Most Painful Torture Device In History Was The First Victim Of It

By Harsh Rana in History On 27th June 2024

Inventors often find joy in seeing their creations being put to use.

But the man who invented the most painful torture device in history probably didn't anticipate that he'd be the first person to fall victim to it.

Throughout history, humans have devised some truly horrific methods of torture.

Thankfully, many of these brutal techniques have fallen out of favor over the centuries. 

The torture device was shaped like a huge bull and was hollow inside Discovery

However, there is one particular device that remains unforgettable: the Brazen Bull, which is as intimidating as it sounds.

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This ancient torture device was not only used to torture people but also to end their lives in a gruesome manner if those in power deemed it necessary.

Created in the 6th century BC by a Greek inventor, this device was shaped like a giant bull and hollow inside, with a trapdoor fitted into it. 

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You can probably imagine where this is going...

Victims were locked inside the bronze Brazen Bull, which featured a set of pipes near its mouth. 

Once inside, a fire would be lit beneath the massive sculpture, effectively cooking the person alive.

As a horrific finishing touch, the pipes on the bull were designed to transform the victim's agonizing screams into bellowing bull noises.

The head of the bull was designed in such a way that your screams would be filtered and contorted into the sounds of a real bull Youtube/Invisiblesunk

The supposed creator of this terrifying device was a man named Perilaus of Athens (or Perillus). 

He built the Bull and presented it to Phalaris, the tyrant of the Sicilian state of Akragas.

Considering you'd have to be pretty awful to enjoy such a device, it's safe to say Phalaris was not a nice person. 

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In fact, he was renowned for his cruelty, so presenting him with such a device wasn't the best choice Perilaus made that day.

When Perilaus showcased the device, Phalaris asked him to climb inside and demonstrate how the person inside would sound to everyone on the outside. 

However, once Perilaus was inside to show how his invention worked, he was locked in, and a fire was lit beneath him.

As a result, the inventor of the Brazen Bull became its first victim. 

The Brazen Bull was not a happy ending to life Discovery

Thankfully, Phalaris had enough heart to remove Perilaus from the bull before he died.

Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worse. The tyrant ordered Perilaus to be taken to the top of a hill and thrown off to his death. 

Needless to say, this was probably not the praise Perilaus had been hoping for. 

His invention, intended to gain favor and recognition, instead led to his tragic and untimely demise.

The Brazen Bull, with its horrifying purpose and gruesome method of execution, stands as a grim reminder of the cruelty that can be found in history.