Manhattan Restaurant Hostess Rates From Worst To Best Celebrities She Has Served, Revealing Kylie Jenner 'Tipped $20 On a $500 Tab' While Saying Hailey Bieber 'Was Not Nice'

Posted by Sama in Entertainment On 22nd July 2020


A former New York City restaurant hostess who has worked in some of Manhattan's hottest restaurant casually shares her encounter with some famous Hollywood celebrities. Julia Carolan, 23, only just joined TikTok — but a video she posted two days ago has already been watched more than a million times, all thanks to its spicy celebrity gossip.



In her video, Julia has not cleared specified which college she is referring to but while she was in college, she worked for 10 months as a hostess at one of TAO Group's restaurants, which include TAO, LAVO, and Beauty & Essex, among quite a few other hot spots. She followed that with another 10 months at Nobu Downtown.



In her video, Julia rates the Hadid sisters 10/10, 'These two are literally so nice, I cannot say enough things about them. They're super polite and friendly with staff, which unfortunately, is rare for celebrities,' she says.



Cameron Dallas, however, only rated 4/10 for being demanding and entitled. 'I kind of had a bad experience with him. Him and his friend called after we were closed and insisted on a table — and kind of pulled a 'do you know who I am' moment,' she says. 'He was rude.'


And Hailey Bieber gets the worst rating of all, which is 3.5/10 which is based on more than one encounters. 'This is gonna be controversial,' Julia says. 'I've met her a handful of times and every time she was not nice.

'I really wanna like her, but I have to give her a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry,' she says with a cringe.


Among all the celebrities, the worst rating was scored by Kylie Jenner. 'She was fine but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill. Do with that information what you will,' Julia says, rating Kylie 2/10.


We are sure Julia has encountered many more celebrities during her time at the restaurant and she is yet to post part two. As Nobu Downtown counts Beyonce, Rihanna, the Kardashians, and many more as fans, while TAO Group fans include Sofia Vergara, Katie Holmes, Naomi Campbell, also the Kardashians, and many more.