Man’s Intestines Fall Out Of His Body After Sneezing And Coughing During Breakfast

By maks in Health and Fitness On 8th June 2024

A man's ordinary breakfast at a diner quickly turned into a scene straight out of a horror movie when a sneeze and cough led to his intestines falling out.

What started as a celebration of his recovery took a shocking turn within moments.

While having breakfast with his wife in Florida, a sneeze and cough caused the man to experience a bizarre and alarming injury that left paramedics bewildered.

As reported by the American Journal of Medical Case Reports, the 63-year-old felt a 'wet' sensation followed by sharp pain immediately after the sneeze.

Paramedics arrived within five minutes and said they observed a three-inch opening with ‘large amounts of bowel’ protruding through it Getty Stock Image

Upon lifting his shirt, he discovered several inches of his intestines protruding from a recent surgical incision on his abdomen.

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Initially, his instinct was to drive himself to the hospital. 

However, he soon reconsidered, worried that moving too much might worsen his condition, so his wife called for an ambulance instead.

Paramedics arrived in less than five minutes and found a three-inch tear through which 'large amounts of bowel' were visible.

Despite the severity of the situation, there was surprisingly little bleeding, although his shirt was soaked with bodily fluids.

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The attending paramedics admitted they were perplexed by the injury, confessing they were 'unsure of the best treatment' since their usual protocols did not cover such an extreme scenario.

They did know, however, that it was crucial to keep the exposed intestines moist.

Medical staff were at first perplexed by the man's case Getty Images

They promptly soaked them in saline and securely wrapped the man’s abdomen in gauze before transporting him to the hospital.

Two weeks before this incident, the man had undergone surgery for complications related to prostate cancer.

His doctors had declared the surgery a success and sent him home in good condition.

Just that morning, he had been to see his doctor, who examined his wound and removed the sutures.

The breakfast outing was meant to mark a milestone in his recovery.

Two weeks prior the Florida man had undergone surgery for complications related to a previous battle with prostate cancer. Getty Stock Image

Upon reaching the hospital, he was immediately taken to surgery, where a team of doctors quickly determined the best course of action.

Fortunately, they found no damage to the bowel.

They managed to reinsert it and close the wound using both internal and external stitches.

He stayed in the hospital for a few more days to ensure a full recovery and encountered no further complications.

After a six-day stay, he was discharged, hopefully free from any future incidents related to sneezing or coughing leading to another hospital visit.