Marriage Is Like All Of This And More

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 16th June 2018

Married folks took to Twitter to let the world know what it is really like to be married. Most of the time, marriage is great, but it is also full of struggle and strife. It takes two to make a marriage work, and these people really know what is up. If you are not married, you are going to get a glimpse into what is waiting for you in the future. If you are married, you will be able to relate to every one of these statuses.


Eating Ice Cream

If you come home and find your wife curled up with ice cream, it is best to just let her know that you love her, give her a hug, and do not ask stupid questions. This is a clear sign that she is upset about something, and you do not want to turn those emotions towards yourself.


Sexting While Married

After several years of marriage, romance kind of goes out the window. You get more excited about a good meal than a good lay. Do not get me wrong, this does not happen in all marriages, but people who have been married a very long time will tell you this can happen.



As the years in your marriage go by, your partner will develop little quirks that will totally irk your nerves. Sometimes, just them breathing is enough to enrage you. This is normal, but you might want to consider therapy before you turn murderous over little things.

Always Wrong

You guys are pretty much doomed to always be wrong. Women will always be right, even when they are wrong. This is just something that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life, married or not.



They do say that there is always room to learn. Not only do men end up learning that the wife is always right, but they also start to believe it, if they know what is good for them.


This guy is in for a world of hurt. He might have thought it was a great little prank, but his wife is not having any of it. When you are married, you better choose your battles wisely.

Top That

Here is one argument that a man will never win. No matter what you go through physically, it will never be as physical or as painful as childbirth. You could be crushed by a car, and a woman will tell you that childbirth is still more painful.

So Annoying

Here is an example of someone who has been married for a long time. It is another instance of things that start to annoy your spouse. Most of the time, it is things that you cannot even help. If you are at this point in your marriage, you might want to think about counseling.

Honey Do List

If you have a minute of spare time, as a husband, you best be prepared to work on that honey-do list. There are no excuses and no time for you to relax until that list is done.

Too Funny

As the years go by, our bodies tire easily. Falling asleep in public can be a common occurrence. It looks like this couple found a way to make light of the situation and entertain themselves when it happens. This is a good marriage. Be like these people.