Married Childhood Sweethearts Share They Find Nothing Wrong In Swinging - 'It's OK To Want More'

Posted by Sama in Relationships On 20th September 2021

Vista Wife and her partner of almost 10 years are geared up for promoting swinging and are even spending their profits from OnlyFans to spend on their new swinging website. The duo is very comfortable in sharing their sex life with other couples and wishes that taboo around this lifestyle will soon disappear and more modern couples will brace their desires and spice up their sex lives.


A happily married childhood sweetheart couple shares secrets to their happy married life. Their secret? The duo invites other couples to their marriage to spice up their sex life. 

The childhood sweethearts invite other swingers and share that there should be no shame in swinging. 

Mom, 29 who also uses the name Vista Wife is actually a swinging ambassador and promotes the lifestyle on social media and on OnlyFans.

Giving an interview to Daily Star, the Vista Wife and her husband, 30, said: “The message we really want to put out there is that it is OK to always want more. There is no shame in wanting more in the bedroom whatsoever."

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“So many people are interested in trying swinging but don’t know where to start or feel they are going to be judged.

“We hope that by being so honest and open about it won’t be as taboo or seen as this underground and seedy thing."

Talking about their love life, the couple met the first time when they were 16 and 17 and soon had their first child.

Now married for almost 10 years, the husband decided to spice up their sex life and suggested swinging almost 3 years back. 

Vista Wife remembered: “I was always bisexual and my partner just came to me and we spoke about this Fab Swingers website.

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“We both said we would be open and that if we didn’t like the first meet we would leave it at that.

“There was always self doubt, we had a lot of conversations beforehand like 'what if you meet someone and you prefer them over me'.

“But we have been together so long and we are best friends and are in a concrete relationship. We have our marriage and our family so this was more fun.

“I think a lot of people entwine love with sex but once you separate that with excitement then a big adrenaline rush takes over.”

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Before taking the step and formally meeting, the couple assured themselves through chatting over messages and FaceTime.

Vista Wife added: “I was so nervous and we just spent time reassuring each other and making sure we were all comfortable.

“I hadn’t been with anyone since my husband and I met so it was a shock to the system. But once everything starts it all else goes away, and the moment takes over.”

Their first meetup went so well that they immediately arranged the second date and there is no going back since then.

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It was this time that Vista Wife decided to encourage this lifestyle online and has a good 500K followers on TikTok. But during all this, her best friend decided to walk out on her.

She said: “Our social media got so big so quick.

“My best friend, who I’ve known since I was five, decided to stop speaking to me.

“That was difficult for me to get over. I was geared up for nasty comments from strangers online but not that.”

However, the support was so positive that Vista Wife every day receives messages from couples asking for advice. 

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Sharing some tips regarding this lifestyle, Vista Wife says: “Don’t ever do this to fix your marriage, it just won’t work. You need to be in a solid relationship.

“If one of you isn’t 100 per cent into it then it won’t work either and that’s where jealousy would come into it.

“Just have honest conversations and set boundaries of what you do and don’t want to see.”

Vista Wife says that most modern couples are open about the idea of swinging but are too afraid to initiate a conversation with their partners. 

She says the biggest myth with this form of lifestyle is that jealousy would ultimately lead to the end of relaitonships.

She added: “You would think you would get jealous, seeing your partner that you've been with so long with someone else.

“But it has definitely made us stronger. It sounds stupid but it makes you really apppreciate that other person.

"After we are with other people we come home and I’m like ‘oh my god come here’ and we kiss, cuddle and all the rest.

“We reconnect straight away.”

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Both the partners have professional jobs and arrange their meetups at either home or in hotels and two months ago Vista Wife joined OnlyFans and was overwhelmed with the response.

She wouldn’t reveal how much she made but her husband said: “We’ve cleared every debt we’ve had.”

The duo now has big plans for their future and the profits from OnlyFans are going towards building their new swinging website. They aim to make a safer space where everyone on it has to be verified before joining.

Vista Wife says that she hopes that this lifestyle will become a less taboo topic in the coming years.

She added: “People should have the freedom to express whoever they are.

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