Mars Has Water According To New Discovery by NASA

By Editorial Staff in News On 28th September 2015

#1 These are dark and narrow 100 meter streaks called recurring slopes which flow downhill on Mars.

That has been inferred from the newly analyzed spectral data CRISM instrument on board NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Recently scientists discovered hydrated salts on the slopes of Hale crater and these findings corroborate that hypothesis.

#2 Another perspective of the flowing water streaks. These were detected on the slopes of Horowitz crater corroborating the original hypothesis.

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#4 A different view of the Horowitz crater that shows where scientists detected hydrated salts.

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#5 This photograph shows more water lineae flowing down formed by contemporary flowing water.

#6 At the Coprates Chasma in the equitorial region of Mars on the west facing slope.