Martial Arts Master Sets World Record For Fastest Gun Disarm In Incredible Video

By Abdul Rafay in Bizarre On 24th July 2023
Credit: YouTube / Victor Marx

An amazing video demonstrates a martial artist breaking the record for the fastest gun disarm.

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in a dangerous circumstance, never do this at home.

Unless you're a skilled martial artist who adheres to the guidelines, of course.

Victor Marx, a martial artist, now holds the record for the fastest disarm, gaining control of the weapon and finishing the magazine in just 0.8 seconds.

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Credit: YouTube / Victor Marx

That was incredibly fast.

The martial artist also successfully disarms two opponents in one clip by seizing a gun that was being held in front of him and tussling with a person behind him.


According to, specific guidelines have been established for what constitutes a successful disarm.

The first of these, which states that a fake or replica gun must be used in the attempt, appears very logical.

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That makes sense.

Second, when starting the attempt, the hand must be at waist level.

Therefore, refrain from raising your arms or putting your hands behind your back.

Additionally, the person's face must be targeted with the replica gun.


When the record holder grasps the gun of the armed individual, the timer begins.

I must grant that it seems a little pointless where your hands start if the timer starts when they are on the gun, but rules are rules.

When the replica is being pointed at the person who was initially armed, the timer expires.

Finally, it makes it reasonable to record it for evidence.

So to be clear, you begin with the pistol pointing at your face and your hands at your sides.

The countdown begins when you pick up the gun, stops when you gain possession of it, remove the magazine, and point it at the other person.


It's very amazing to do all of that in only 0.8 seconds.

Victor Marx, though, has a rather outstanding resume, holding a 7th-degree black belt in both jiu-jitsu and keichu-do. According to his website, he is also a "weapons expert."

Additionally, YouTube viewers have praised the achievement and provided some amusing responses in addition to their praise.

One said: "At first I was like that’s a weird way to hold a gun after taking it then I realized he took the mag out as well and I was just like How the hell!?"

Another wrote: "Holy molie, Victor!! Couldn't even see your hands move, and then, snap, you've got the weapon."

And a third said: "This is amazing."