Massive Fail: Man Shoved A 30-cm Eggplant Up His Bum To Cure His Constipation

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 10th June 2018

A 50-year-old Chinese man had to go to the hospital after inserting 30-cm Eggplant up his bum. His X-ray report showed that the eggplant was shoved so hard that it reached up to his lungs.


Weird "remedy"

A 50-year-old Chinese man shoves a giant eggplant up his rectum, claimed that he had inserted the vegetable into his rectum in a bid to cure his constipation.


What happened next was an agonizing turn of events for the poor old man.

Instead of relieving himself from bowel movement problem, he ended up nauseated and vomiting.


According to Kan Kan News:

The man went to the hospital on May 30 - two days after he had put the vegetable into his body.

He said he had been unable to retrieve it by himself.

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