McDonald's Has A Burger With A Gray Bun Now And Everyone's Freaking Out About It.

By Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 20th October 2015

#1 All new McDonald's 'Modern China Burger'

From the Jetsons' shiny outfits to the sleek chrome buildings of Disney World's Tomorrowland, silver has been long viewed as the color of the "future." We're guessing that's the inspiration behind McDonald's new "Modern Chinese Burger," which the fast food behemoth unveiled in China earlier this week.


The Modern Burger is the latest creation in the growing trend of fast-food chains selling limited-edition burgers with bizarre-colored buns.

But the silver burger looks delicious! Surely this one will be a hit.

Only problem is, it actually looks like this:

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Reviewers at Time Out Beijing were initially grossed out by the burger's appearance, but they reportedly sampled it and enjoyed its taste.

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#5 It also looks like a solidified Oreo milkshake. lol.

#6 See, isn't it?


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If you're visiting Asia and craving futuristic fast food, the Modern Chinese Burger will be available at select locations in China until November 3giving customers just a little more than two weeks to decide whether they're, well, lovin' it.


There's no word on what color this burger will turn your poop just yet, but while we wait on the results, let's recap recent color options that have been offered up lately, shall we?

#10 Last month we were treated to a spooky black Halloween bun via Burger King.

#11 And last year, the Japanese science museum Orbi Yokohama presented this rather nifty blue Earth burger.