McDonald’s Guy Thinks He’s Messaging Co-Worker Only To Get Trolled With Puns

Posted by Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 2nd July 2016


Facebook is hard. I am not going to make a joke about this guy working at Mcdonald's and that is why he didn't realize he could have just crept his way through some photos to realize he had it wrong.

Maybe check the location of where Erin was living? Anyways, this guy thought he was talking to a new girl he was working with but it turned out she had the same name different job.


#2 The troll shared his convo on Imgur

There is no picture of the McDonald's worker Erin, so I have to imagine she looks like this big booty judy worker:

#3 Here come the puns!



#5 Chicken McThuggit!

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