Mcdonald’s Has A Nutella Burger That Oozes Chocolate! This Is What It Tastes And Looks Like

By Editorial Staff in Food On 18th November 2016


McDonald's is making every hazelnut-chocolate lover's dreams come true with its new Nutella burger.

Called "Sweety con Nutella," the chocolatey "burger" doesn't actually come with meatinstead, it's a spread of Nutella between two hamburger buns.



Like the regular McDonald's burger, the Sweety con Nutella is smaller than it appears in pictures, though it still finds enough room to fit 256 calories per serving. If you want to look on the positive side of its nutritional info sheet, the treat does provide 1.9 grams of dietary fiber, so if you devour 13.2 Sweetys, you'd reach your daily fiber intake goal as determined by the American Heart Association.

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The dessert burger is currently only available at McDonald's in Italy, but with a little careful pleading, prodding, and begging, here's hoping we can make it a worldwide treat.



Here's the video of it:

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