Meet The Hot 70-Year-Old Woman Who Looks Like Better In A Bikini Than Most Women In Their 30s!

Posted by Michael Avery in Amazing On 31st October 2017

For a lot of women that are in their 50s, the thought of appearing to still be in their 30s seems like a fantasy. For one Australian woman, it's not a dream, it's her everyday life. Carolyn Hartz, of Perth Australia, is a 70-year-old woman but you wouldn't know that just by looking at her. Her tight toned beach body has been lighting up beaches in Australia.

Let's take a look at how she managed to keep her youthful good looks for all this time.


#1 Carolyn's history of struggles with food.

Carolyn Hartz's story is really amazing. It's even more impressive when you realize that she used to struggle with her weight. Around age 42, she realized she was addicted to sweets and very unhappy with the shape of her body. The biggest issue she had was that she had been recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance. That only lead Carolyn to turn to sugar in order to solve her issues.

Carolyn said: “I went up a whole dress size because I was filling myself up on sugar.”

Keep reading to check out how she finally remedied her issue without creating a new one.


#2 No sugar in these sweets.

Carolyn realized that relying completely on gluten-free products was not really helping her. Carolyn then started to bake her own treats instead of buying them from the store. In place of sugar, she used sugar-free sweeteners to add the sweet flavors she wished for but with none of the negative side effects. It didn't take long for her body to respond and she quickly came to the realization that she was onto something.


#3 Xylitol was her answer.

Carolyn's next issue was finding the best sweetener for her. She found her answer in a naturally occurring substance called Xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that only allows good bacteria to metabolize it. This restriction limits the risk of disease and sickness. With the perfect sweetener in hand, Carolyn was ready to conquer her gluten intolerance. It's kind of fitting that she named her company "Perfect Sweet" don't you think?

#4 Living a truly sugar-free life.

You might find this amazing, but Carolyn has not had any non naturally occurring sugars in over 28 years. The only kinds of sugar she consumes are those that are found naturally in dark chocolates and berries. This means her sugar intake is negligible. In a way, you can say that she has been sugar-free since 1989 and she is happier and healthier than ever before to boot.

Carolyn said: “We know our metabolism slows down as we get older. It just means we have to take control and make healthier choices and work a little harder."

Keep on reading to find out how she handles her sugar cravings without giving up her health.


#5 Depriving yourself will not work.

The biggest reason that most diets fail is that people try to omit the foods they love the most because those foods are unhealthy. That's a recipe for disaster. What ends up happening is that you will eventually end up undoing all your progress by overeating. To remedy this, Carolyn eats her sweets in moderation and only consumes the ones she makes so that she knows exactly what's inside of them. She also enjoys small pieces of dark chocolate nightly. She believes that as long as you limit your portions you can eat all the foods you love the most.

“I eat two pieces of dark chocolate every night.” she said.

Keep reading to find out what else she does every night that helps her health.

#6 Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do.

When you deprive yourself of food, it doesn't work. The same can be said of depriving yourself of the rest needed to function. Carolyn makes it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night so that her body is about to recover from each long day.

“‘I have done this for most of my life and now the research shows that it is essential for good health to get this number of hours,” she said.

Carolyn makes sure to start her mornings with a very important nutrient. Keep reading to find out what it is.


#7 Protein is the king.

Carolyn's diet places a huge emphasis on protein. In just about every meal that she consumes, she includes it. This is because protein is crucial to helping you feel more satisfied over long periods of time. This is possible because your body converts protein into fuel at a slower pace which allows it to focus on mostly building muscle. Carolyn believes that protein helps to limit her cravings and stops her from breaking her eating schedule.


#8 The garden is where life grows.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are such an important component of Carolyn's diet that she and her husband make trips to the farmer's market every weekend. It's a huge part of their relationship. Carolyn includes a serving of vegetables or fruits with each meal she eats. She even includes them in her two daily snacks.

Out of the 5 main food groups, the one she doesn't place any focus on is grains. Mostly because of her gluten intolerance but also because flour is converted into sugar inside our bodies. This has led Carolyn to use substitutes like almond meal for baking her goodies.

#9 The sun is your enemy.

If you live near the beach it's almost impossible to avoid exposure to the sun. To overcome this, Carolyn makes sure to protect herself anytime she goes out to enjoy the outdoors. She knows how dangerous the sun can be first hand. When she was in her 30s she had to have cancerous cells removed from under her nose.

“I wear sunscreen every day under my makeup and never sunbake. I am very aware of the damaging effects of the sun,” she said.


#10 It's all about your mentality.

People often tend to compare themselves to others using them to gauge their own success. Carolyn believes that type of thinking is not helpful or even healthy. During her meditations, she gives gratitude for everything that's going good in her life and she believes in uplifting everyone around her.

“Be happy for your friends’ successes, enjoy them together. Never be jealous or resentful, both are wasted emotions and only hurt your well-being,” she said.

As a grandmother of 4 and the owner of a company, Carolyn wants others to learn from her life and realize that things will not happen overnight. You have to fully commit yourself to the lifestyle you choose and be mindful of any actions you take. Positivity is also important. Carolyn makes sure that everything she consumes is something that is both enjoyable and helpful. Doing this, she has created a life that she absolutely loves.

She said: “Attitude is your most important asset. Life is not perfect, accept this and grab it with both hands. Most importantly train yourself to see the glass as half full. The day is partially sunny, not partially cloudy!”

What an amazing woman. If you have been inspired by Carolyn and all she has accomplished make sure to share this with all your friends. With positivity you can be all the change you will ever need.