Meet The Teen Behind The #DeezNuts Presidential Campaign

By Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 1st September 2015


WALLINGFORD, IA - Brady Olson would rather not have to answer to reporters about a campaign he says "started as a joke." With the attention his presidential campaign has generated, those questions were inevitable.

The 15-year-old's campaign is based at his home in Wallingford, Iowa, which has a population of just 200 people. The campaign made national headlines for two reasons. The first? "Deez Nuts". That's the name used on the paperwork he filed with the Federal Election Commission. The second reason? Support for his campaign outside of his home state. Results from Public Policy Polling on August 19th showed the northwest Iowa teen, who is listed as an independent candidate, polling at nine-percent in North Carolina.

Even Brady says he was surprised. "It got a little attention when I filed like a month ago but nothing like this," said Brady Olson.


One-by-one, news outlets picked up the story. "Deez Nuts" started trending on social media. Brady's dad, Mark Olson, still isn't sure why his son's campaign became as popular as it did. Olson says his son had mentioned he intended to file for candidacy, but didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until a reporter with the Huffington Post called that Mark Olson started asking questions of his son. "Well, I had to talk with Brady and see what the heck was going on," said Mark.

The name Brady choose to use as a candidate, "Deez Nuts", is based on a popular internet video. His younger brother, Tyson, actually gave him the idea. Olson, known by the FEC as "Deez Nuts", filed paperwork on July 26th. Brady says he did it out of frustration with the two-party system of American politics. "Hopefully pave the way for more like than just a two-party system," Brady said. "Canada had debate for their prime minister elections and they used a four-party debate," Brady said.

His parents voice mail and email inbox have been flooded with interview requests. They've supported the movement their son started. Brady's dad hopes that younger people will become more engaged in politics.

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Brady is taking the campaign seriously. He set up a website listing his positions on a number of issues. "Voting rights in the territories which is a big one for me," said Brady. His plan to curb illegal immigration doesn't include a wall, which is what some other candidates have suggested. "At least make something so that it makes harder at least," Brady said. "At least reinforce the ones we already have."

Mark Olson describes his son as an "encyclopedia" when it comes to politics. Public affairs aren't his only passion. The sophomore at Graettinger-Terril Ruthven Ayshire is on the junior varsity baseball and basketball team. He's also a member of the golf team and the band. Brady's favorite teams line the walls of his bedroom. Also hanging on his bedroom wall is a whiteboard. Written in purple ink, which is one of his school's colors, are goals for his 2016 baseball season. The one thing missing from his list of goals is a move to the White House. The Constitution says you have to be at least 35-years-old to be president.

Brady has 20 years to prepare. "I'm still undecided on that one, but the door is always open," said Brady.

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