Meet The Woman Who Can Lift Coconuts With Her Vagina

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 8th October 2015

#1 Trophy Worthy

Lifting objects with her vagina is only the gimmick Kim Anami uses to get people's attention. What she is really doing is teaching enlightenment through sexuality.

#2 Quantum Leap Life

Kim is a Life And Sex coach on top of being a performer. To describe her as a "free spirit" would be an understatement. She is a self-described "Provocateur. InnovatorQuantum leap life and intimacy coach."

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#3 Ping Pong Show

Not only can she lift objects like coconuts, trophies, or even free weights, with her female parts, but she can also shoot things out of there. Anami thinks shooting pin pong balls from your vagina is "every woman's god given right."

#4 Taoist Sexuality

The weight lifter found her calling through tantric practices and Taoism. "In the ancient Taoist system of sexual practices, where sex was seen as medicine and a pathway to enlightenment," Anami posted on Intagram, "pelvic weight lifting was an essential part of their health regime."

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#5 World Tour

She has taken her show on the road for a world tour. In each location she tries to lift something that is unique or symbolic of the place she is visiting. While in California, Kim lifted a full surfboard using nothing more than her vaginal muscles.

#6 Kiss It

The process of lifting involves inserting a jade egg inside her vagina. She then ties the objects she wishes to lift and wraps the other end around the jade egg.

#7 Muscle Beach

What Kim is able to lift might be amazing, but could still be short of a World Record. There is no official World Record for weight lifting using your vagina, but a Russian woman, Tatyana Kozhevnikoa, lifted 31 pounds back in 2009.

#8 Nutritious Living

Anami is not out to break world records, rather she wants to spread a message of healthy living, and promote positive female sexuality. She stresses the importance of a healthy sex life to woman around the globe.

#9 Sexual Awakening

According to her website, Kim Anami has always been "attuned to [her] sexual energy and spiritual curiosity." At a young age she says she experienced a sexual awakening which helped "accelerate [her] journey of self-actualization."

#10 The Unnameable One

At the age of 22 she was practicing Tantra and Taoism. This soon led to her living off the grid for nearly ten years where she lived on pirate boats, and Indonesian jungles. She renamed herself "ANAMI" which is Sanskrit for "the unnameable one, the highest plane of God."

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Kim certainly has a lot to teach.