Megan Fox Looks Unrecognizable As She Goes Makeup-Free

By maks in Showbiz On 18th April 2024

At 37, the star of "Transformers" looked strikingly different from her typically glamorous appearance, sporting only a light amount of makeup. 

This left her followers puzzled, with many commenting that they hardly recognized her.

In the photograph, Megan showcased a subtle application of mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

She stood posing in front of the mirror, her toned midriff visible.

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She wore a black sports bra paired with pajama bottoms, and her long blue hair fell over her chest in a stunning cascade.

Many fans noted that Megan bore a resemblance to Kim Kardashian and Chelsea Blackwell, a star from "Love Is Blind" who once mentioned she has been compared to Fox.

Instagram / @meganfox

One fan commented, "You look like Chelsea from Love Is Blind. I don't know why you copied her style."


Another Instagram user exclaimed, "Kim Kardashian is that you?!" while a different follower added, "I thought this was Kim Kardashian."

"This isn't Megan Fox," another fan declared, using a laughing crying emoji to express their amusement.

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"Why does she look so different?" someone else inquired.

Another follower admitted they couldn't recognize Fox in the image and had to double-check her username to be sure.

"I had to look @ the name because I didn't know who that was," the fan explained, adding two skull emojis to their comment.

The post turned out to be an advertisement for Wella Professionals' hair products.

Megan captioned it: "nourishing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post Coachella."


Megan had been sporting blue hair as she attended several parties at Coachella over the weekend.

While at the Celsius Cosmic Desert Event on Friday, Megan shared the inspiration behind her new hair color at the glamorous event.

Instagram / @meganfox

"I actually have a blue bob right now," she told People magazine.

"We added the extensions to bring more Coachella vibes. I think I bleached it, and I destroyed it. So I might as well try all the colors before I go back to brown," she continued.

She further commented on her look, "I think it's important just to be yourself and not change your entire style just for a festival."

This appearance followed the news that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are currently living separately as they attempt to resolve their relationship issues.

Megan is residing in her Malibu home, while the musician, aged 33, stays low-key in their shared home in Encino, following the cancellation of their engagement.

Instagram / @meganfox

This report emerged after Megan chose not to clarify the current status of their relationship during her appearance on Alex Cooper's podcast, "Call Her Daddy."


However, she did acknowledge that their engagement had ended at one point.

Fox and the rocker first started dating in 2020 and got engaged in 2022.

They fueled rumors of a split a year later, though they reconciled eventually.

"I feel like everyone has such an opinion on your relationship. You got engaged, then I think it was called off, then we don't know what's going on with you."

"How would you describe your relationship with MGK?" Alex Cooper probed.

Megan answered: "I think that what I've learned from being in this relationship is that it's not for public consumption, so as of now, I don't have a comment on the status of the relationship per see."

"What I can say is that he is what I refer to as my twin soul and there will always be a tether to him no matter what. "

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"I can't say for sure what the capacity will be, but I will always be connected to him somehow. Beyond that, I'm not willing to explain."


"But all those things you said were accurate things that have occurred and I can see them being confusing or interesting to people and them being like, 'What's up?'"

Her response ultimately confirmed that she had indeed ended her engagement with Kelly.