Metallic Eyebrows Is The Latest Instagram Beauty Trend To Go Viral

Posted by Sama in Fashion On 8th March 2018

The latest beauty trend started by a makeup artist on Instagram is metallic eyebrows and the idea has become quite popular among the Instagram users, who are calling the trend cool and creative.


#1 Latest Crazy Trend

The latest beauty trend to follow up on Instagram is metallic eyebrow challenge and unlike the crazy beauty trends in the past, this one is amazing. This trend involves highlighted eyebrow arches in different ways giving it a metallic touch and needless to say the idea is both unique and chic.

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#2 Idea Was First Shared By Makeup Artist Milan Bauranov

The Metallic Eyebrow features metal hardware so you literally look as hard as nails. The idea was first shared by makeup artist Milan Bauranov on his Instagram page, where Milan posted a picture of rigged metallic look. The fans and followers followed the trend and named it as one of the coolest and creative trends so far.

However, looking at some of the looks, it is important to point out that these looks are quite difficult to pull off and are mostly done by professionals. So they should not be attempted at home.


#3 Milan Used Different Materials To Complete The Look

Milan has given a metallic touch to the models through different items and has used materials like nails, wires, and even staples in a couple of his creations. The materials have been securely glued on the eyebrows to prevent them from falling off and giving them the perfect look of 'metallic eyebrows.'


#4 Creativity At A Whole New Level

In one such piece, Milan took the creativity to a whole new level and has fixed up to 11 rings/ metal hoops around one model's eyebrow. Needless to say this is quite a dangerous trend too.

#5 Please Refrain From Trying This At Home

If you are interested in such a look, please note these are done by professionals and before poking yourself with a sharp object, note that it can cause a serious infection or worst it can cause harm to the eye too. So before trying this method please make sure of your safety and don't forget to consult a professional regarding it.