Mia Khalifa Gets Smacked By Wrestler Thunder Rosa After Claiming Wrestling Is Fake

By maks in Entertainment On 7th February 2024

Following her public dismissal of wrestling as a legitimate sport, Mia Khalifa recounted a painful encounter with a wrestler.

Her critique came in the wake of Ronda Rousey's high-profile switch from UFC to WWE, during which Khalifa dismissed wrestling as "not a real sport" among other disparaging remarks.

Shortly after her comments, she found herself in a Texas gym, being physically demonstrated the rigors of wrestling by Thunder Rosa.

Khalifa said wrestling is 'not a real sport' and made other disparaging comments Credit: Instagram / miakhalifa

A video that re-emerged on X depicts the former porn star feeling the full force of Rosa's forearm, leading to an audible reaction of discomfort from her.

"Thunder Rosa wasting Mia Khalifa after she called wrestling fake is so SATISFYING," was the accompanying comment.

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"I can't move my neck muscles," stated the influencer, reflecting on the impact of the encounter with the professional wrestler.

Reflecting on her day spent with Thunder Rosa, she expressed: "I am very humbled right now. I'm not happy, I'm in a lot of pain, I'm going to go see a chiropractor."

Khalifa was invited to a gym in Texas where she was thrown around by wrestler Thunder Rosa (right) Credit: YouTube / Mia K

These remarks came after Khalifa had earlier expressed her disdain for WWE on a show:

"I have no respect for the WWE. I don't think it's a real sport. You go from real fights to wearing a sequined unitard and pretending to fight."

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It comes after Khalifa revealed how she dealt with an aggressive heckler during an airport showdown.

"Abs tight, skin glowing, eating good, not letting random unhinged zi*nists on the street get to me," she shared with her 27 million Instagram followers on January 16, linking her comment to a video attached to the end of her post.

The video showcases Mia filming herself as she was approached by a woman at an airport, with the woman's son appearing embarrassed by the situation.


The confrontation stemmed from Mia's pro-Palestinian views, at a time when Israel was involved in significant military actions in Gaza, retaliating against the October 7 music festival attack by Hamas.

The details of how the heated exchange began or the duration of their discussion remain unclear.