Mia Khalifa Risks Imprisonment In The UK After Revealing Her 'Not So Guilty Pleasure'.

By Haider Ali in Life Style On 5th March 2023

Mia Khalifa, a former Pornhub legend, revealed something shocking on Instagram.

The OnlyFans model spent the last few weeks in Europe, first attending Milan Fashion Week in Italy and most recently attending Paris Fashion Week in France.


She conducted several interviews for the camera during those visits, and on March 2, she shared one of her amusing responses on Instagram.

She was questioned about her guilty pleasure in the video. She might potentially run into legal issues if she engaged in it in some countries, like the UK.

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Mia said: "Weed. I don't feel too guilty about it though."

She has previously been open about her enjoyment of the strange baccy.


In a smokin' hot Instagram picture from last month, she showed off a very useful piece of bling—a ring made to hold joints—while visiting Los Angeles.

In July of this year, a new rule in Maryland, where Mia is from, will take possession of cannabis containing less than an ounce and a half completely legal.

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After the incident late last night, she even made a lighthearted allusion to magic mushrooms in which she alluded to yet another controlled drug.

"Thank you for transporting us to this magical enchanted forest, I’m obsessed with the tattered, mossy, whimsical things we get to wear this fall, every one of the pieces in the collection made me want to do mushrooms with a fairy," she said.

The world-traveling star never stays in one place for very long and appears to have an affection for traveling through Europe, particularly the UK and France.

When the former adult star toured Kent last year, the locals were thrilled.

Going full Brit, she visited the beach and even shared photos of herself eating a complete English breakfast, appearing to even like the black pudding.

She also made several amusing jokes about the British weather while traveling in classic tourist fashion on an open-top bus.

She also mentioned to her followers that she changed out of a pair of wellies on a flight because "London has the best style in the world" as she was traveling to the UK.