Millennials Are Ditching Expensive Engagement Rings And Piercing Their Ring Fingers

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion On 22nd March 2018

Millennials are piercing their ring fingers instead of buying expensive engagement rings.


Piercing ring finger is the latest "millennial" trend.

According to Cosmopolitan: "These finger piercings are a bit like tattoo engagement rings in the way that they last forever, only with these, you still get the diamond. And yes, it looks incredibly painful."

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Painful process

The painful procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and piercing costs around 100$. The diamond you choose is a separate cost. Owner of NYC Ink Studio in West Village, Sam Abbas said:

"You're going to feel it. You're getting pierced. It is a little bit painful. But people did it, and I have a lot of people who say, 'Oh nice, it's nothing, I expect more.'"


'They’re different than other piercings'

Billy DeBerry, Florida-based body piercer told People: "Micro dermal anchors are safe and the body will hold them for years, as long as they’re in ideal places and if implant-grade titanium is used."

"They’re different than other piercings since it’s considered 'surface work.' It really lets a person get away from traditional piercings like the ear or nose."

"With the base being anchored into place under the surface of the skin, the tops are interchangeable with a huge variety of colors, shapes, and designs."



According to dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Joshua Zeichner:

"There is constant movement in the fingers, which could displace the piercing. Think about how many times we accidentally bang our hands against the side of the table or doorframe."

"If you develop an infection or if you have another complication, it could interfere with the daily functioning of your finger."

"Generally speaking, an inert metal like titanium is used and it does not cause a reaction. However, just as with costume jewelry, if a metal like nickel is used it may cause a severe allergic reaction."

Another Dermatologist Dr. Monica Halem told Hsu:

"First of all, these procedures are not being done by a doctor, and it is a surgical procedure, There are a lot of important structures that sit right under the skin there that can easily be damaged, like tendons. That’s sitting right above the skin, that’s easily caught on something and can do a lot of damage."

Cynthia Rivas, a millennial said:

"I think it looks nice, but if you really think what it’s doing to the body and you can have scarring - it’s so many complications that can happen from it."

"Umm, we’re not doing that. Lmao, it’s funny you think that Millennials can even AFFORD diamonds."


"Its actually funny that they think most millennials even got married in the first place"

'This is stupid.'



They look so painful!

What if the engagement gets broken?

'I will opt for the old-fashioned'

Still deciding


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