Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

By Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 29th September 2015


Halloween is filled with scary things ghosts, ghouls, and pricey costumes are just a few! If you're the savvy type who prefers treats to tricks, you'll opt for an inexpensive getup this Fall. However, that doesn't mean that you can't have the coolest costume of the night! Check out these inexpensive options for costumes that are creepy, creative, or just plain cute.


Since galaxy print was a huge fashion staple this past season, it's easy to find on sale right now. Attach foam planets to a galaxy dress, and shoot for the stars!

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Turn a favorite childhood plaything into your costume this year by cutting clothing shapes out of poster board, leaving a few square tabs along the sides. Simply tape the cutouts to your clothes and doll yourself up (pun intended) with girlie hair and makeup for a great costume!


DIY a "Rock n' Roll Girl" shirt and headgear, and carry a (fake) Nemo around all night!

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The name of the game for this movie costume is to look dead. Pale face, green "mold," and dark eyes go perfectly with a striped top!


Dressing up as this feminist icon is easy! A red bandanna and denim shirt are all you need to create this look.


With a red coat, black pants, and a yellow ribbon tied around a red hat, you can show people exactly where in the world you are this Halloween.

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Get your makeup hand ready to apply some seriously gnarly special effects to your skin! Once you've painted a zombie bite and infected veins, the rest of your outfit is up to interpretation.


Blue clothes and a side braid will help you dress like this Disney ice queen for the holiday.


Invest in a Halloween makeup kit and impress your friends with shockingly cartoonish features for Halloween.


Be the neighborhood dogs' worst enemy this Halloween. Wear a long black skirt or dress, spray temporary dye in your hair, wear a white fur coat, and carry a cigarette holder. Don't forget the dramatic eye makeup!


Recall your college toga party days by wearing a sheet and gold ribbon as your costume.


The key features of this cartoon costume are pigtails, a pink bow, and a thick unibrow. Have fun bossing everybody around!


This costume is so easy! Create a large, fake eye, then don a white tank and black pants.


A red wig and blue body paint will help you transform into this shape-shifting mutant.