Mind Blowing Facts That Might Be Strange But Are Totally True

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 27th February 2018

#1 Wow this is so weird.

Breathing is an involuntary action until it's not. Don't believe me? Just pay attention.


#2 What a sad truth.

Everyone remembers being held as a kid but do you remember the last time they put you down? It's something that everyone experiences.


#3 The truth about cleaning.

When you clean something you are inevitably getting something else dirty. It doesn't matter if it's disposable it's still true.

#4 A way to make siblings without actually making siblings.

Since identical twins share the same DNA it makes sense that two sets of twins having children together would yield genetic siblings.


#5 Well this is depressing.

It's sad but true but keeping someone alive is merely delaying their inevitable demise. Pretty sad thought right?

#6 A little astronomical fact.

What determines a year on Earth? How long it takes for the Earth to complete an orbit around the Sun. So what determines how old you are? Ding Ding Ding.

#7 Congrats to you.

For what could have been mere seconds or even a few minutes you were the youngest person on Earth. Isn't that cool?

#8 The nose knows.

Your brain really is an amazing organ. It can block out many things that are always there. Like your nose for example.

#9 Mars isn't uninhabited.

Thanks to mankind Mars is actually inhabited. It's the only planet completely inhabited by robots.

#10 The end.

In your lifetime many people will die but from the moment you were born the last person to die in your lifetime was predetermined.