Model Gets A Huge Tattoo Of Her Cat Using Ink Made Out Of DNA

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 4th April 2018

Cat owner get a literal part of her cat tattooed on her body with a special ink synthesized from its fur.


New tattoo

German Model Kathrin Toelle, 38, goes by the modeling name of Makani Terror, recently got a new tattoo on her leg using ink made out of her 10-year-old cat Gizmo's fur which she collected after it fell out while brushing him.


Skin46 ink

Makani told The Sun:

"I love my own pets like they were my own children. They are the most important family members in my life and I will miss them more than anything else when they would pass away."

She added:

"A tattoo artist friend told me about the Skin46 ink and I thought I need to do this, At first, it sounds weird but after all explanations, I was just in love with this idea to be connected to my cats forever."


Organic carbon extract

She was the first person to ever try the bizarrely innovative process offered by Skin46 in Switzerland. The tattoo service uses medically clean organic carbon extract from either animal or human hair and then mixed with regular tattoo ink.

Is this safe?

New tattoo method has raised a lot of questions about safety and risks but the process is perfectly safe and harmless.


5g of hair

She sent off 5g of hair to Skin46, then waited a few weeks to receive the finished product which was processed in a Swiss lab. A batch costs $720 which is what the service costs.

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