Mom Bods Deserve The Same Recognition And Acceptance Just As Much As Dad Bods

By Khadija Pervez in Life Style On 23rd November 2023
Unsplash | Larry Crayton

Moms are undeniably some of the most incredible individuals on this planet.

They excel at multitasking, possess remarkable strength, and resilience, and literally bring life into the world.

However, it's disheartening that in today's society, they still face unwarranted criticism for their appearance.


Why is it that dad bods are celebrated, yet mom bods are not given the same recognition?

Despite their proven abilities and resilience, mothers continue to be judged for their physical appearance.

The disparity in how we treat and perceive men's and women's bodies is indicative of an underlying issue of misogyny.

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Even though I'm not a mom myself, I frequently write about the experiences of motherhood.

Witnessing the disparaging comments that moms receive on social media is unsettling.

The harsh reality is that the criticism women face regarding their bodies is closely tied to deep-seated misogyny.


It's crucial to recognize that there is no valid reason to treat women with contempt based on their physical appearance.

The body positivity movement has consistently emphasized that our value is not determined by our looks.

It is high time we extend the same acceptance and understanding to women's bodies as we have been accustomed to doing for men.

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The core message conveyed by the body positivity movement is that our worth should not be linked to our physical appearance.

Society has ingrained in us the habit of treating men as individuals irrespective of their weight.

The celebration of dad bods over the years is a testament to this acceptance, acknowledging that not every man needs to have a sculpted physique.


In contrast, women's bodies are not afforded the same leniency. The societal norms and expectations place undue pressure on women to conform to certain standards.

It is essential to challenge these norms and recognize that, just like men, women should be valued for their qualities and contributions rather than solely judged on their physical attributes.

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The admiration for dad bods is widespread, with social media erupting in celebration whenever a male celebrity proudly displays a slightly softer physique.

Men with a bit of a belly are adored on various platforms. The question arises: why isn't the same celebration extended to moms and their equally cool mom bods?


Mom bods are undeniably impressive. From housing and birthing whole new lives to the incredible adaptability of their bones during childbirth, women's bodies undergo remarkable transformations.

It's time we acknowledge and celebrate these extraordinary feats, recognizing the inherent coolness and strength of mom bods.


Fortunately, social media is gradually embracing change. Normalizing mom bods marks the initial step in celebrating them, a sentiment echoed by moms on social media.

As @kamexplainsitall aptly puts it, we shouldn't label posting a cute bump pic as "brave" or "abnormal."

It's about time we shift perceptions and appreciate the beauty of pregnancy.


Embracing a mom bod can be liberating for many mothers, signifying a transcendence of societal hang-ups.

While the desire to "bounce back" is present, it's not always realistic. Moms are focused on the bigger picture: being exceptional mothers.

A protruding tummy doesn't determine their self-worth, nor does it diminish their capabilities as great moms.


The marks on a mom's body tell a beautiful story of resilience.

The human body, particularly that of moms, is incredibly resilient, enduring immense challenges to bring new life into the world.

It's high time we recognize the athleticism required for such feats and respect the hard work that moms put into their roles.


It's time to shift the narrative. While celebrating dad bods is not to be diminished, it's crucial to acknowledge the inherent bias against women and confront the role of sexism in shaping perceptions of female bodies.

Let's actively work to change this narrative, fostering a culture that appreciates and values the diversity and strength of all bodies, including mom bods.

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To all the incredible moms out there, it's time for a moment of celebration and appreciation.

You look phenomenal, and you're absolutely perfect just the way you are.

There's no need for any changes because, in your happiness, lies the true beauty.

Your strength, resilience, and the unique journey your body has undertaken deserve all the hype.


A heartfelt shoutout to all moms you are amazing, and your individuality is something to be proud of.

This is a collective effort to spread positivity and self-love. If you're happy, that's what truly matters, and you deserve all the recognition and applause.

Let's embark on this journey together, supporting and hyping each other up.

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To the dads standing in solidarity, your role in hyping up mom-bods is commendable.

Together, let's foster an environment where everyone feels proud and confident in their own skin. Y

our encouragement not only uplifts the moms but also contributes to a more inclusive and supportive community.

Cheers to embracing and celebrating every unique body!


A round of applause for all the moms, and a big thank you to the dads joining in this celebration.

Your uniqueness is something to be proud of, and your happiness is the ultimate goal.

Let's continue to hype up mom bods, creating a space where everyone can feel appreciated and confident just as they are.

I'm proud of each and every one of you, let's keep this positive momentum going!