Mom Delivers Baby On Hospital Floor After She Can't Make It To Maternity Ward And The Pictures Are Breathtaking

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 8th February 2018

If you're going to have a birth story as unexpected as this one, it helps to have a photographer handy to capture every unbelievable minute of it.

Mother Jes Hogan had Little Leapling photographer Tammy Karin on standby to take photos of the birth of her sixth child.

Jes Hogan, a Kansas mother of five, couldn't quite make it past the emergency room hallway before her sixth baby suddenly arrived.

"It just happened — we couldn’t even get a wheelchair," Hogan told "I could feel him moving down. I put my hand down and I could feel his head [...] at that point, I knew I just didn’t want him to fall."


Everything was captured on camera and the pictures eventually went viral.

Apparently, Photographer Tammy Karim of Little Leapling Photography was present during the unusual delivery and took a lot of pictures during the process.

Karin recently shared the photos on Facebook, to "demonstrate the beauty of birth even when things do not go remotely as planned."


As Hogan delivered her baby while partially standing up as her husband Travis and a nurse supported he

Birth photographer Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography captured the dramatic scene.

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