Mom Delivers Baby On Hospital Floor After She Can't Make It To Maternity Ward And The Pictures Are Breathtaking

By Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 8th February 2018

Mother Jes Hogan had Little Leapling photographer Tammy Karin on standby to take photos of the birth of her sixth child.

Jes Hogan, a Kansas mother of five, couldn't quite make it past the emergency room hallway before her sixth baby suddenly arrived.

"It just happened — we couldn’t even get a wheelchair," Hogan told "I could feel him moving down. I put my hand down and I could feel his head [...] at that point, I knew I just didn’t want him to fall."


Everything was captured on camera and the pictures eventually went viral.

Apparently, Photographer Tammy Karim of Little Leapling Photography was present during the unusual delivery and took a lot of pictures during the process.

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Karin recently shared the photos on Facebook, to "demonstrate the beauty of birth even when things do not go remotely as planned."


As Hogan delivered her baby while partially standing up as her husband Travis and a nurse supported he

Birth photographer Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography captured the dramatic scene.

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"As we neared the last turn to the hospital I began screaming that baby was coming," she recalled.

"Travis honked the horn rapidly as I screamed through the contractions and he pulled quickly into the ER drive."


At the time, no staff from the Kansas Emergency Room was around to assist them. It was 3 o’clock in the morning.

Said Jes:

"Tammy told the receptionist that I was, in fact, having this baby right now and she needed to hurry and get help. Apparently, she didn’t quite understand the urgency at this exact moment."


"Oh god, he’s here," Hogan says she yelled.

"I then started to take my pants off because I could feel my body pushing the baby’s head out. I reached down and could feel his head crowning with my hand. I looked at my husband and said, 'Travis catch him!' Without any hesitation, he did just that as I felt my body involuntarily pushing his head the rest of the way out."


Hogan explained:

she had already been in labor for several days, but when her water broke shortly before they headed to the hospital, she knew it was going to be quick.


The images she caught show the pure drama of the situation as nurse arrives just in the nick of time.

Baby Max was successfully delivered right there and then on the hospital floor.


The couple is definitely happy to welcome Baby Max into their growing family.