Mom Gives Up Her One Of The Three Kids For Adoption And Has No Regrets Over Her Decision

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 24th March 2018

A young mom, Jessica Lundin shares her story on social media, opening up about her struggle with her early pregnancy and dealing with the heartache of giving up her baby for adoption for the sake of his bright future. The purpose of sharing her story with the public is to empower young women out there and to tell them to make the best of the situation and without any pressure from the society make the decision in life which you feel is correct.


#1 Putting Up Her Baby For Adoption

Jessica Lundin's story is no different from thousands of other women, that is going through 'pregnancy crisis' at a young age. But what makes her story different and unique from other women is her courage to fight through the situation and without losing her cool making a sound decision to secure both her child's and her future.

That is right, Jessica when pregnant for the first time at age 20 decided to put up her baby for adoption. The young mom may be bashed for her decision and may be called out by people for not loving her child enough but let's be honest here, no mother in the world would think anything less than best for her child. So given her situation, she would go for the best option to secure her child's future. This is what Jessica did, that is to give her child a stable home and a safe future, none of which she could afford to give her baby at the time.


#2 Empowering Young Girls Out There

Jessica shared her story on a social media platform in order to give voice to her opinion and empower young women with options, which girls going through the same situation generally don't think of. The mother of now two more beautiful kids, said, "I was 20-years-old. Technically homeless, jobless, and spiraling out of control. I had a boyfriend who I had only known for one month. I visited him for my birthday and did not expect things to last much longer."

Jessica then furthers adds her situation to the story, "My situation was no different than thousands of other women suddenly enveloped in a ‘crisis pregnancy,’ however, my story is unique for a few reasons. I placed my son for adoption, married the birth father, and now have two more children who are full blood relatives of my birth son. CRAZY."


#3 Jessica Was Not Prepared For This

Jessica says she never imagined herself to be stuck in such a situation. She always thought that she would marry young and start a family with that special person. But this is not what she was prepared for. She was 20 and could barely support herself, let alone take care of a baby.

#4 Pregnant At 20, With No Idea Of What To Do

"But here I found myself, pregnant by a boy I barely knew with no clear future ahead of me. I had so many questions, but first I had to tell my parent. I may have been 20, but the pregnancy news showed me that I was unprepared for what lay ahead. I was barely raising myself, how could I raise a baby? These were thoughts I wrestled with daily."

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