Mom Goes Viral By Wearing Figure-Hugging Dress She Had 'No Business Wearing'

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion

Society loves to tell women what we can and cannot wear: they're constantly like "women over 40 can't wear latex!" and "please stop wearing your pajamas to work, May!" Gone are the days when people could tell other people what to wear and what not to wear, what to do and what not to do. Everyone has a right to exercise their own free will these days, and nobody takes shit from anyone. Or at least we try.



I'm over it. And so is Katey Johnson, who runs popular blog The Mother Octopus. So during a recent girls' trip with her BFF, she decided to stick it to her haters by rocking a little black dress she claims she has "no business wearing."

"When I tried it on I knew the dress wasn't made for my 5’2″ body, 160 lb. body, but I felt great in it," writes Johnson, 40, in a viral Facebook post. "I’m not known to wear form-fitting clothes. At all. But I wanted it, so I bought it. And I was proud of myself for it."

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And now the internet is proud of her, too. Because Johnson shared a photo of her wearing the LBD on Facebook, along with a powerful post about body positivity, and it's racked up over 4,000 shares in three days.



Here is her full post.



Her Facebook post has been liked over 11,000 times!


Sophie Victoria commented on the post:

"We need more of this positive message on social media. We should all have the courage to be proud of our bodies and wear what we want. I'm still working on it but every time I read posts like this it makes it a little bit easier,"

Another user commented: "This the most honest and relatable post I have seen in years!1! Keep feeling great!!!"


How about we shut out the noise and the negativity, go on out with our spouses or friends, drink the wine, eat the cake, and cherish ourselves once more.

All things considered, we more than deserve it.