Mom Is Dragged From Court After She Lashes Out At Man Accused Of Brutally Killing Her Teenage Sons When He Turns And Smiles At Her

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 1st February 2018

Elizabeth Marie Wren is a desperate Kentucky mom who for the last two years has been trying to seek justice for her teenage sons who were murdered in cold blood and their burned bodies were found in an abandoned house. Reading such stories, one may wonder how much more low humanity can stoop. Elizabeth only wants one thing, that is to get her sons murderers behind the bars and let them pay for their terrible crime and nothing is going to stop her from doing that.

#1 Lashing Out At Her Sons Murderer

Heartbroken Kentucky mom, Elizabeth Marie Wren, lunged at her sons' killers when the accused Rhodes, 27 before leaving the courtroom turned towards her and laughed on her face. Flipped out, the grieving mom couldn't bear the laugh and lashed out at the man. While trying to attack the man was continuously shouting "Lock me up. Lock me up. Why don’t you let me get to him? He’s sick!"


#2 Fighting For Justice

Elizabeth's teenage sons' were stabbed and murdered in cold blood on May 22, 2016. The kids burned bodies were found in an abandoned house. For the last two years, the grieving mother is trying to fight for justice and to get her sons' murderer pay for his crimes.

#3 Dragged Out Of Courtroom

On Monday, Elizabeth was attending the court's hearing waiting desperately for Rhode's conviction when she lost her cool and tried to get to the murderer, she was later hauled out of the courtroom. Rhodes is one of the four men who is convicted for the murder of 16-year-old Maurice ‘Reece’ Gordon and 14-year-old Larry Ordway.


#4 She Couldn't Bear His Laughing Face

According to Elizabeth, she couldn't bear her sons alleged murderer laughing at her face. She also claims that Rhodes was trying to recruit her sons into a gang, to lure them he would often take them to malls and buy the kids designer clothes.

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