Mom Left In Agony After A Dodgy £180 Fillers Burst In Her Mouth And Her Lip Exploded Five Times

Posted by Sama in Fails On 12th June 2020

Gemma Palmer, 35, from Lancashire, paid £180 to get lip fillers two years ago. Unfortunately, the liquid from the fillers gathered on the right side of her lip and her mouth remained lopsided for months. For the last two years, Gemma has been in constant pain and agony with her lip fillers' failure and wants the young girls to pay heed to her warning before they regret anything just like her.



A young mom recently revealed her story of how she feared "she was disfigured for life" after failed lip fillers left her agony for years. Gemma Palmer, 35, from Litherland, went to a local beautician in October 2018 and paid £180 to have her lips injected with a full milliliter of lip filler double her usual dose.

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The liquid, unfortunately, gathered on top of her lip, leaving her lip lopsided, burning, and in extreme pain. To help ease her pain, she went on to get the liquid dissolved but continued to have complications following the fillers.

Her mouth continued to be full of blisters and her lip fillers bursting open on five different occasions.



The pain continued to exceed every time her lips burst open. 'I was really scared and worried when my lip exploded - I was so anxious that it could leave me disfigured for life.'

Previously Gemma had half a millimeter of lip filler injected in August 2017 and faced no problems.

Liking her plummed lips she had her lips injected again in October 2018 but this time full millimeter of lip filler.



Her experimenting with a double dose backfired badly. Gemma's lip filler clumped on her right lip. It was so painful that she was not able to eat anything and was on soup only.

Unable to deal with the pain, Gemma went on to have her filler dissolved.

She continued well for eight months, but in July 2019 her lip began to grow hot and swollen.



Gemma said: 'I was at home cleaning when I felt a burning sensation and throbbing in my lip.

'I knew it was about to flare up again but hoped it would be ok by the morning - how wrong I was!

'I woke up and my lip had swollen up so much that I could hardly speak.

'It carried on swelling over the next couple of days until it finally popped open which was both disgusting and extremely painful.'



Gemma went to her local GP surgery and despite telling about her previous problems her case was dismissed as cold sores and was given anti-virals. With the medicine, even though her case cleared for the next few weeks but IT returned after every few months.

Gemma said: 'It was horrific, I was in so much pain both physically and mentally.

'My lip made me cry and I was so upset both before and after my lip exploded as the pain and the swelling affected my everyday life.

'I felt so embarrassed and ashamed to leave my house and also embarrassed to tell people what exactly had happened.

'All together, I've had about six weeks off of work because of the lip filler problems.'



The pain was constant and unbearable every time her lip burst happened. She explained: 'The pain gets more extreme every time and this time round has definitely been the worst.

'My whole mouth filled with blisters from the swelling which kept popping and filling my entire mouth with blood.'

She explained: 'I couldn't eat, I was in constant pain.'

Gemma was tired of doctors dismissing her case every time and so she finally visited a private cosmetic surgery expert who told her the reason why it was happening to her.



'She told me straight away that there was still lip filler trapped inside my top lip two years after I got injected,' she said.

'She will be putting a dissolvant in my lip and then I'll be on antibiotics for a week and hopefully this will be the last time it happens.

'I've been in agony for two years because of these problems and I just want other girls to know the danger of lip fillers before they go ahead and get injected.

'I do feel deep regret and I wish I had never had them done.'